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Design tips: Create a vintage cottage dining space with furniture

Introducing a vintage cottage theme into your dining area will make family meals and special occasions feel more intimate, cosy, and relaxed, allowing you to inject your own personality into the space.

Whether you’re aiming for a quirky look with fun patterns and pastel-coloured fabrics, or a farmhouse feel with soft neutral shades and rustic materials, there are plenty of ways to make the vintage cottage look work for you.

Our expert advice is designed to provide inspiration on how to use beautiful solid oak dining furniture to add character to your home and make the time you spend there a pleasure.

Use natural solid mango furniture and grass chairs for a rustic look


For a rustic look with more of a traditional English twist, the beautiful Mantis Light dining table in solid mango really works well in a vintage cottage dining room. The chunky wood has a rich taupe glow and the natural grain pattern blends well with endless colours, materials, and patterns.

CH 800x500px-MANTIS DIN 41

The matching Mantis Light plain grass chairs have a bohemian appeal, allowing them to effortlessly match plain, striped, or tartan fabrics. Try sticking to mostly neutral colours throughout the rest of the room and inject colour with a few carefully selected pastel tones on ornaments or accessories.

Showcase your personality using a solid wood display cabinet

oak-display-cabinet 800x500px

Channel a vintage theme with a traditional display cabinet, which adds useful storage as well as being a place you can show off treasured ornaments. The Romsey display cabinet in solid oak features stunning glass-fronted doors and thick cut shelves, perfect for showcasing antique crockery, favourite photos, or cookery books.
If you’re limited on space, the Mantis Light display unit in natural solid mango is a quirky and fun piece that can bring a modern edge to your vintage cottage theme. Used it to store everything from crockery and glassware to trinkets and plants.

Use painted oak furniture for a French farmhouse feel

Capture the charm and romance of rural France using one of our painted dining tables as a centrepiece in the room. The Kemble dining table and 6 chairs has a rustic, real oak top and off-white painted legs, to help you achieve a classic cottage look. Complete the effect with matching chairs that feature check print fabric cushions, for a homey feel.

For the walls, choose a light blue or green colour pallet for a soft and cosy effect. Shades such as duck egg blue and rain-washed green conjure up images of the French countryside, and work well with painted furniture, allowing you to get the vintage cottage chic finish you desire.

With so many combinations of furniture materials, fabrics, and colours to choose from, there are plenty of ways you can transform your dining area into a vintage cottage retreat.

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