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Faced with an odd-shaped living room, you may find yourself scratching your head, wondering what you can do to get your space to work for you and your furniture. There are a few culprits that make your space awkward and the solution for each one is different, however we recommend you:

  1. Deal with difficult corners first
  2. Get storage off the floor
  3. Avoid overcrowding
  4. Claim back wasted space

Whether it’s small, open planned, L-shaped or just has a few tight, tricky corners that are difficult to get around, we have you covered with a selection of versatile ideas for your irregularly shaped living room.

Very small living room ideas

Those with cosy living rooms will want to maximise seating, and the best way to do this is to begin with establishing zones. This involves deciding what needs to take place in the room, be it a TV-watching area or maybe even two seperate seating areas: you’ll always want multiple spots where you can kick back and relax. Next, divide your living room based on the functions it needs to serve and these are your zones; they’ll help you organise and utilise your space much better.

scandinavian style tv stand in botanical living room

If you want to go for a long sofa that follows alongside the wall, make sure it’s not right up against it. Small rooms benefit from a bit of airflow as it creates the illusion of roominess in even the most snug of spaces. In this case, don’t place the rest of your sofa set opposite its centerpiece, but establish openness and arrange your armchair, accent seating or loveseat at a perpendicular angle.

Storage ideas for a small living room

The key with small living rooms is to utilise anything but floor space. Shelves, tallboys and units like bookcases that go up instead of out will all do their part in providing use without swallowing up the room. Multipurpose furniture - just like a storage footstool, for example - will also make a world of difference.

Open plan kitchen/dining living room designs

If your communal spaces are open plan, the size and shape of your dining room table shouldn’t be a design afterthought. Think beyond your traditional dinner table and consider something circular: a round table saves space while also giving your home a fresh, contemporary look and transform dining into a more intimate experience. Alternatively, if you only need room for more diners on special occasions, opt for an extendable dining table that’ll only increase its capacity when needed.

mix and match rustic oak dining furniture

Maybe you don’t just have a kitchen-diner, maybe you have a living-kitchen-diner. Here’s where the zones you should be creating really make a difference; either use a corner sofa with one side backing onto the kitchen to partially separate the two areas without entirely closing them off from each other. Or face the sofa into the room, to make a social space which is perfect for family life and entertaining.

L-shaped living room furniture ideas

Another way to use a corner sofa is in an L-shaped living room. Again, the corner sofa naturally separates its surroundings into zones: for example, the sofa and TV against a reading nook or dining table. A great trick is to underline the separation of space by using a well-chosen area rug. We even have corner TV cabinets in a variety of styles and oak grains to benefit awkwardly shaped rooms.

Attic and sloped ceiling living room

Perhaps you have a loft conversion or just a home that refuses to conform to ‘normal’ shapes - and that’s okay. There are still plenty of options for attic and sloped ceiling homes. Your furniture needs to be low so as to fit adequately into the space, so options like blanket boxes are useful here, as are low-platformed sofas and chairs that help draw attention away from the ceiling and create the illusion of expansion. Remember to avoid overcrowding the area to prevent a cramped feel.

Choosing furniture for different shaped living rooms

Because the slanted ceilings can make a room feel smaller, all your tricks will want to make the room appear larger. A clever one is reducing shadows and contrast to help eyes be drawn across the room, preventing them from being pulled into walls, corners and angled ceilings. Use mirrors to bounce light across the room, make best use of natural light from windows and illuminate dark corners with lamplight.

Narrow living room solution

In a long and slim living room, you’ll want to avoid a tunnelling effect but not obstruct the sparse amount of space available. First, devise a walkway along one side of the room for ease of access and then arrange your furniture with this at the forefront of your mind. Again, cabinets and units that go up instead of out will be of paramount importance to your design.

scandinavian style bookcase with colourful books and accessories

However, you may be thinking that’s a lot of straight, clean lines. Add versatility and a bit of dimension to your space with circular furniture which will distract from the long and narrow edges which will populate this sort of space.

Ways to fill awkward corners

modern curved oak sideboard with colourful accessories

Empty corners can make a home feel incomplete. Maximise their potential with a sideboard, though you’ll probably want one on the small side if the corner is oddly-shaped. Desks can also be a good option if you’re struggling to add ample space for productivity and, if this is just a bit too clunky, use a dressing table as a makeshift desk.

Add colour and personality to the corner with a houseplant collection, creating your very own urban jungle. Or, for something more playful, a bookcase and beanbag to form a reading corner.

Ways to use wasted space in a living room

Especially when space is at a premium, you’ll need to be creative about how to use it so no design opportunities go to waste. Many of our console tables are slim, meaning they could easily fit behind a sofa in an open-plan arrangement without looking out-of-place in the room’s layout.

Have you considered using the features of your home to your advantage? For example, your window sill can act as a shelf for books, houseplants, candles and more. Or, if you’re lucky enough to have a beautiful bay window, layer it with pillows and blankets for the ultimate cosy respite.

Explore our living room furniture today and browse all our seating, sideboards, console tables and more to find pieces that are a perfect fit in your dream home.

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