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We’re all about quality – and 100% solid hardwood

Solid hardwood furniture that’s well made will last a lifetime. With the right care and attention – detailed in our Owner’s Manual – you’ll find that furniture made from hardwood just gets better with age.

Our designs show off the natural beauty of oak and mango. Natural wood grains are unique to the piece of wood used in any given piece of furniture. Mango also has a striking range of colour, from light golds to darkest brown. You’ll find 100% solid hardwood underneath our painted finishes, too. We use a particular kind that gives the smoothest surface for the best finish.

We have a lot of experience in producing solid hardwood furniture. Here are some reasons why we use certain techniques.

Our woods and finishes

When it comes to the wood we choose to craft our 100% solid hardwood furniture from, we can be a bit picky.

Obviously oak is our first choice - after all, it’s in our name. It has a great history in British furniture design. In fact, we can find examples of oak being used all the way back to the Stone Age!

But why is oak such a good choice for high quality furniture? Well, it had a unique combination of characteristics which make it strong, highly workable, and strikingly beautiful. All hardwood is rated on a scale (called the Janka rating) to test its resilience. Oak falls at the perfect place on the Janka scale, at around 1360 (versus pine which is rated around 420). This means that oak furniture is hard, but not too hard; it’s resilient enough to take knocks from everyday living, but also its resistant enough to moisture so that it doesn’t expand and contract excessively with the weather - the phenomenon that makes door and drawers from lesser woods to buckle and stick!

And while oak is in what we like to call the “Goldilocks Zone” (it’s just right for furniture construction), there are a few other stunning hardwoods that we love, that give a beautiful variety of finish. Exotic mango wood and painted hardwood are two perfect examples.

Mango furniture is particularly striking; it boasts a wide range of rich reddish and golden brown tones in its timbers with a stand-out grain pattern. It often has dark whorls and patterns that enhance the character of the pieces. Plus, mango wood is highly sustainable; we use trees that were formerly on fruit plantations. Mangoes only produce fruit for 15-20 years, and in the old days the older trees would be cleared and burnt or left to rot to make way for new trees. Instead, we reclaim these as a by-product of the fruit industry, for long-lasting pieces you can feel good about buying.

We could go on all day...

We can’t hide it, we’re pretty passionate about oak and hardwood furniture. And there’s always more to know about why it’s a great choice for every home. If you want to learn more about why we love hardwood so much, we have some great resources to get you started. Or, check out our blog for the newest updates from us!