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Oak Bookcases

Oak Bookcases

Special photos and books on real wood shelves

FROM £245


Solid oak bookcases are a great way to add both style and function into your home. Perfect in the living room for storage and display, the home office or organisation, or as a classic addition to a library or reading room, our shelving units are made to stand the test of time.

We've designed bookshelves to fit in with many different decor styles. Our rustic and natural wax finishes add a gorgeous patina to the hardwood, and give each unit its own look. Our natural pieces have a bright look with inviting tones that let the woodgrain shine, and the rustic finish adds a gorgeous honey-coloured look, bringing out deep tonal qualities in the timbers. The shelves are made from solid oak which won't bend or bow, keeping your possessions safe. The shelf back is also made from gorgeous oak panels, meaning that it will look fantastic from every angle.

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