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2 Drawer Bedside Tables

2 Drawer Bedside Tables

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2-drawer bedside tables

Ideal for those who like a neat and tidy bedside, our 2-drawer bedside tables provide ample storage space for all your nighttime needs, as well as a smooth top on which you can place a useful bedside lamp.

The drawers of our 2-drawer bedside tables are deeper than our 1-drawer or 3-drawer bedside tables, meaning there’s plenty of room for anything from bedtime reads and night creams to earplugs and eye masks.

You can even use our 2-drawer bedside tables to store moisturisers and make-up, so the components of your morning routine are always close at hand.

Match your bedside table to your style

We have a variety of 2-drawer bedside tables with rustic and natural finishes, as well as sleek painted finishes. Each of the latter is accented by areas of unpainted hardwood with either a clear wax or tinted lacquer finish.

Our rustic hardwood bedside tables are ideal for those who love warm, farmhouse-inspired spaces, while our natural hardwood 2-drawer bedside tables look best as part of a simple, Scandi-style interior.

Our selection of bedside tables that are painted in light colours features finishes in shades of off-white, grey and serene sage green ‒ perfect for brightening up small rooms or enhancing large, airy ones.

If you prefer furniture in darker hues, we also offer a range of 2-drawer bedside tables painted in darker colours, such as inky blue and slate grey ‒ just what’s called for in a bedroom furnished with warmth and starry nights in mind.

A coordinated bedroom is a restful one

All of our 2-drawer bedside tables are part of larger ranges that feature matching items of furniture for your entire bedroom and beyond, so you can coordinate your sleep space as much as you like.

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