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How to arrange the layout of a corner sofa

A corner sofa is a great investment piece for your living room. They’re a welcoming spot for the whole family to gather around for movie nights, relaxation or just day-to-day life. If you’re looking to find that perfect piece for your home but concerned it might not fit, read on to find out how you can arrange a corner sofa to fit seamlessly into your space.

Which corner sofa do I need: left or right?

When deciding where to put a corner sofa in the living room, first you need to decide whether a left hand corner sofa or a right hand corner sofa is best for you.

Large light grey corner sofa with botanical cushions

Here are some key points you’ll need to go over before you buy:

• It seems obvious, but first think about the shape of the room - is it long and slim? Open planned? Square shaped and cosy? Thinking about the room’s inherent structure will help you decide what kind of corner sofa will make the best use of your living room. For example, our Nebraska corner sofa comes with a storage footstool and so will be useful for those who lack clever storage options. On the other hand, our Evie corner sofa is long and sprawling with elevated feet that lift its base off the ground, bringing a narrow room to life.

• Where is your door placed? Don’t block any entryways with your corner sofa - it should wrap around walls that aren’t obscured by doors or passages. This will also prevent it from damage by swinging doors. You’ll also want to establish airflow so you and your guests don’t feel cramped when trying to socialise and relax.

• Where will other furniture live? Consider pieces like coffee tables, bookshelves, side tables and, of course, your TV unit, where your sofa will probably be pointing its attention towards. If your sofa’s reclinable, like our Goodwood corner sofa, keep space around it clear so there’s plenty of room to put your feet up.

• Where will your light sources be? Positioning your sofa near sources of natural light will provide loads of benefits for your living room, both in terms of design, wellbeing and the ability to perform activities like reading. Alternatively, leave plenty of room for artificial light from lamps to illuminate your seating area.

Modular corner sofas

If you feel restricted by the prospect of corner sofas, you shouldn’t. Many of our sofas are modular and therefore fully customisable to fit your space and needs, giving you the ability to personalise your seating arrangements in a highly versatile way. See ranges such as Morgan to explore the possibilities.

beige chaise corner sofa with grey painted coffee table in living room

Plus, with our modular sofas, you’re less restricted to a left or right corner sofa as sectional sofas are able to be separated and rearranged, giving you the opportunity to redesign your living room based on your mood!

Where to place a corner sofa in the living room

Those with an open plan living room or an exceptionally large one may want to place their corner sofa in the middle of the room to break up the vastness of the space. This will also automatically create sections that may separate that specific area especially for watching TV, for example. Your other ‘zones’ could have a dining set or desk, for example.

beige corner sofa in open plan living dining area

Another benefit of the modular sofas as they can be adapted to fit awkwardly shaped living rooms, such as ones with a bay window or with a fireplace that may sit behind the sofa - just leave plenty of room for the features of your house to shine. Alternatively, both our modular and set corner sofas look brilliant in the classic way: its L-shape pushed against the wall and hugging a corner.

How to arrange and style a corner sofa

Chairs are a great accompaniment to your corner sofa as a cluster of different kinds of seating creates a really open and sociable area for friends and family to gather around. We recommend investing in furniture from the same range, such as the Fraser corner sofa and matching armchair, for a complete look.

Once you’ve selected your seating, arrange the accompanying seating so it faces your sofa, but leaves room for passageways and airflow. You want an open feeling living room, not a crowded campfire setting.

Grey corner sofa in coastal blue themed living room

When choosing a coffee table, it needs to fit within the boundary of the sofas edges as one that is larger will look messy and off-balance. Bring it close enough so that it’s in easy reach, but not so close that it obstructs the natural balance. Furthermore, if more surface area is what you need, try placing a console table behind your sofa.

If your seating arrangement feels a little empty, use a rug to add a splash of life to the area. Just make sure it encompasses all the furniture in your seating arrangement - from your corner sofa and coffee table to your armchairs and accent chairs.

Footstools and ottomans are multi-functional: style staples, they are incredibly comfortable, provide extra seating, can be easily moved around the room and, sometimes, come with secret storage compartments. With a corner sofa, you’ll want them close enough to be able to put your feet up and, when you’re not using them, you can move them to the end of either side of the L or use them as a makeshift coffee table.

Explore all our corner sofas today and let us help you build the living room of your dreams.

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