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Choosing the perfect armchair for your home


Whether you’re after a bright, bold statement piece to light up a dull corner or a big, cosy recliner to sink into with a good book, an armchair should be seen as a long-term investment.

A key accessory in your home, and one that can quite easily become your favourite spot to relax, a carefully chosen armchair can either blend into with your existing décor or become a focal point for the room. From size to style and material to colour, we run through everything you need to consider before purchasing the perfect armchair for your home.

Material: Leather or fabric?

red leather armchair

Leather armchairs boast easy maintenance and long-lasting style. A breathable material, leather can remain relatively warm to touch in winter while keeping cool during summer, making it ultra-comfy all year round. Sophisticated and smart, leather armchairs tend to have a more executive appeal and can bring a sleek, modern finish to your space.

Fabric armchairs tend to have a soft and cosy finish, making them a great choice for traditional living rooms and vintage-inspired schemes. However, as fabric armchairs are available in a wide range of colours and patterns, it’s also easy to find a style that suits a modern home.

Style: modern or traditional?

blue armchair

Consider both your own personal sense of style and your existing home décor when choosing the best armchair for you. Think about the size of the room you plan to keep it in and the space it’s going to occupy. Do you want it to blend into the room or stand-out? Is your home a sleek, minimalist space with an industrial feel, or more traditional?

Opt for a style that echoes the room it’s placed in, either through the colour of the finish or the choice of fabric. The Blake armchair in burgundy leather evokes a classic feel of days gone by, but it’s versatile enough to look great in both contemporary homes or more vintage living spaces. The Grayson electric recliner armchair is best suited to more modern homes, with its chunky aesthetic and padded arms.

Colour: Bold or muted?

beige sofa floral armchair

Are you looking to keep things cohesive and go for a colour that blends in, or do you want something more striking? If you want to embrace a subtle effect, there are many attractive armchairs in varying shades of grey, black, cream, and brown, to suit the neutral tones in your home.

If you’re looking to make more of a statement, choose an armchair that has a coloured fabric finish. The Jasmine fabric armchair is available in a range of bold tones, from plum to duck egg, and is sure to bring a touch of fun to any study or living room.

Size: Slim and elegant or big and cosy?

When deciding which size armchair to choose, consider the space it’s going to live in and the size of the surrounding sofa, coffee table, and other furnishings.

Balance is key – avoid pieces that will overwhelm other items of furniture or run the risk of being swallowed by the rest of the room. Always measure your space carefully beforehand, so you can visualise the sort of size limitations you can work within.

Think about how your new armchair will fit into your home, in terms of style, finish, and size, and you’ll to find a design that can be enjoyed for a lifetime! Find out how you can create a cosy winter armchair space this winter or check out our sofa buying guide to find the perfect matching pieces for your living room.

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