Oak Furniture

Oak Furniture

Oak furniture made for life, for all round your home.

Our popular natural and rustic oak finishes allow the beautiful wood grains to shine through.

There’s a reason why our oak furniture is so popular - the beautiful look of the wood really shines through in this finish! All our natural oak furniture is finished with a special coat of clear protective wax, which allows even the finest details of the woodgrain to shine through.

Rustic oak furniture

Our rustic oak finish adds a sense of charm and authority to our furniture collections. A richly toned wax finish allows rustic collections such as French Farmhouse and Original Rustic to have a darker honey-colored appearance versus unfinished oak, which brings out the deep wood grain patterns.

Original Rustic: Always popular, our Original Rustic collection shows off this finish with softly rounded corners and chamfered edges to give it a cosy cottage feel. Championing simple style and a traditional feel, it adds an air of confidence to a home.

French Farmhouse: Our French Farmhouse collection uses the rustic oak finish to add an antique feeling. This collection is inspired by the Louis Philippe period and blends classic farmhouse design with modern sensibilities.

Orrick: Orrick has a strong rustic design in solid oak. It features chamfered edges, and softly rounded corners. Recessed handles add to the look.

Hercules: Designed to make an impact in your home. The sturdy Hercules collection delivers grand style in 100% solid rustic oak.

Light oak furniture

Romsey: Warm and homely, for everyday living. Crafted from solid natural oak, Romsey features softly rounded edges and handleless drawers.

Bevel: In our Bevel collection, our natural oak adds to the overall sleek and refined modern styling, rendered in simple shapes that show off the warm tones of the oak. The angled surfaces catch the light perfectly, showcasing the many faces of natural oak.

Wiltshire: Distinctive and warm, with rounded corners and subtle arched base. Made from 100% natural solid oak, Wiltshire features wide beading on the drawers and door fronts.

Canterbury: A stunning range from natural solid oak, designed with elegant simplicity in mind. The range is softened and curved at the edges, an attractive look which complements the mitred panels and dark metal handles and button knobs.

Alto: For those who love minimalist styles, our Alto collection is a testament to the power of natural oak, with the simple finish allowing the stunning finger joints to take centre stage of the design. The look is light and airy, and natural oak fits many different colours and design schemes.

Galway: Galway has a fresh, clean-cut design in natural solid oak. Groove detailing and brushed metal handles finish the look.

Tokyo: This innovative, Japanese inspired range boasts elements inspired by traditional Japanese furniture design, including gracefully bowed tops and strong, clean-cut grooves.

Rivermead: Sleek modern lines with brushed metal bar handles, using classic carpentry.

Oakdale: Minimalist style that's made to last. It uses strong clean-cut lines and attractive side panelling to create a collection that allows for the quality of the natural wood to shine through.

Oslo: A range with a subtle sense of Scandi style. Made to a slender spec, Oslo has a quiet confidence in its pared back looks. The range is calm and simple – smooth tops, rounded corners, clean lines and a slim frame. Oslo displays the natural beauty of oak, and its uncluttered elegance is set to become a modern classic.

Ellipse: Striking sculpted handles and a pared back style. Ellipse is influenced by Scandi design. Scandi style design comes home in this playful range that’s unique to us. Made from 100% solid natural oak, Ellipse is deceptively simple.

Parquet: Inspired by classic wood block with a rich, glazed finish. Made from solid oak, with mid-century modern style.

Kyoto: Natural shapes and materials show Japanese influence. Black metal handles add dramatic flair. Currently only available online.

Cascade: Waves of curved panels face cabinet fronts and drawers. Modern, Scandi style in solid oak. Currently only available online.

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