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Coffee tables Real wood inside and out

Painted Coffee Tables

Stylish and sturdy living room centrepieces

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Painted coffee tables

Our painted coffee tables are all made of solid hardwood and feature wood grain accents with either tinted lacquer or clear wax finishes to really showcase the beauty of this natural resource.

With many years of experience under our belts, we know that acacia is the best hardwood to use in painted furniture, as its strength and smooth finish make it the perfect blank canvas for the various paint colours we use. Paint also takes to acacia wood very well, so the painted finishes on our coffee tables are hardy and suitable for households with little ones and pets.

Your living room centrepiece

As a coffee table will often take a central position within a living room suite, it’s important to choose one that will tie your style together.

If you have a soft spot for light neutrals and spaces that feel bright and tranquil, we have a selection of off-white and warm grey painted finishes, some of which feature elegant turned legs, that will serve to elevate your look.

Alternatively, if you prefer to create darker, cosier spaces, our inky blue and slate grey painted coffee tables will add an air of contemporary luxury while perpetuating this aesthetic.

Pretty and practical living room storage

Whether it’s drawers, a low shelf, or both, all our painted coffee tables have storage incorporated into their design.

Conceal messy paperwork and tangled chargers in discreet drawers, or stack beautiful books and magazines on a simple shelf below the tabletop, ready to be taken out and leafed through with a cuppa whenever the mood strikes.

With all this handy built-in storage, it’s easy to keep the top of your painted coffee table free from clutter and ready to receive hot drinks, cocktails, nibbles, or even a blanket and a pair of tired feet in need of a rest.

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