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When you think rustic furniture you likely conjure images of farmhouse decor or Tuscan inspired homes, natural materials and designs that embrace an organic aesthetic. Rustic furniture, whether traditional or modern inspired, will effortlessly fit with any style of home and can blend seamlessly with other trends that you may want to incorporate into your home.

If you’re dreaming of a dining room that has the feel of an authentic country home, look no further than our ranges of rustic dining room furniture.

What is modern rustic furniture?

painted dining room furniture painted brindle oak furnitureland

Contemporary takes on this timeless trend incorporating the silhouettes and styles found in the farmhouse, giving it a fresh outlook. This could be the inclusion of slightly more curvaceous designs, intricate detailing and painted finishes - our Brindle and Kemble collections are idyllic examples of modern rustic furniture.

Rustic farmhouse dining tables

rustic dining table and chairs rustic dresser oak furnitureland

With rustic dining furniture, the darker finishes really bring out the grain of the wood, presenting a contrast of textures found in nature. For a country cottage feel that’s more elegant than eclectic, our French Farmhouse dining table is true to the classic flair of the collection thanks to its thoughtful cornices, inlaid details and arched base, welcoming six to eight guests for dinner.

Oak Round Dining Table and Chairs Oak Furnitureland

If you want to retain the hominess of rustic dining while peppering your home design with a little more flavour, try a round dining table for a truly alfresco feel, making everyday dining an intimate experience for the family. Accent your rustic round dining table with interesting textile and patterns for a charming look.

Rustic farmhouse dining table sets

rustic dining room furniture oak furnitureland

Go all out on rustic dining room furniture: our Dorset dining table can be bought in a set alongside six customisable chairs, allowing you to style traditionally or opt for something more suited to contemporary taste. Complete the antique-inspired look with the Original Rustic sideboard, perfect for all your dining room storage needs.

hercules large extendable dining table and chairs oak furnitureland

Large family clans will love our extendable Hercules dining table. Not only does it have a characterful design that sits somewhere between the classic French Farmhouse table and the round Pedestal table, but it can sit an incredible twelve people for those busy multi-generational Sunday lunches.

Other things to consider when styling with rustic furniture

Rustic furniture has a really hearty feel and appears especially striking when paired with dusty earth tones like burgundy or, for a lighter look, terracotta. As our rustic ranges have a traditional feel, pairing with chunky textiles or antique-inspired accessories will accentuate the sense of history. A few soft-lit light bulbs will create a calm and relaxed environment - and maybe even the light the fireplace, if you’re lucky enough to have one!

Inspired by the traditional styling of rustic furniture? Shop now to find your perfect 100% solid hardwood range.

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