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Minimalist Furniture

Simple design in real wood

If your idea of heaven is a living space that is pared back, you’ll find we have a great choice in simply-styled, solid oak furniture. The natural beauty of oak is easy to live with, and our designs make the unique grain patterns found in natural oak the star. Door panels and drawer fronts have clean lines – whether straight-edged or curved. Handles are simple. Brushed metal bars, squares of real wood – or even no handles at all. Just recessed shapes in drawer and door fronts.

Minimalist design can also have a Scandi influence. Pale natural oak, slender tapered legs, and smooth tabletops add interest to an uncluttered interior style. Again, the material is key here. Furniture needs to be real wood all through, to carry the design off.

Sofas that fit in this kind of look would have longer legs; maybe merging into mid-century style with squared-off, button back cushions. Or simply unfussy design, with clean lines – a long, low corner sofa, for instance.

Look through our simpler designs here, and put together the ideal minimalist style for your home.


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