When living in close quarters, it can be a challenge to fit everything you need into one small space, especially when you want your home to be stylish and functional in equal measure. Yet, smaller homes are on the rise as architects, designers, homeowners and renters are discovering more and more ways to optimise spatially-challenged interiors.

Small spaces mean thinking bigger, and there are plenty of solutions that really maximise a small home. If space is at a premium in your property, then the much loved Scandi-style design principles are the perfect place to start and thankfully we have just the ranges for you. Read on to find out how you can utilise every square metre with clever styling tips, storage ideas and by introducing space-saving furniture solutions…

Streamline your space

A sideboard-living room furniture-small wooden sideboard with accent lamp
Durham small sideboard

Say goodbye to clutter with a more minimalist approach to furnishing and ingenious storage solutions. Opt for versatile furniture pieces that serve multiple functions while seamlessly concealing mess. From compact sideboards to sleek dressers and slender bookcases, prioritise practicality without compromising style.

Try introducing the petite yet mighty Durham sideboard, perfect for those tight corners craving organisation. Its sleek design effortlessly tucks away everything, from endless Lego creations to bulky board games and cherished glassware, crockery, and cookbooks.

A chest of drawers-bedroom furniture-wooden chest of five drawers with storage basket and orange velvet chair
Durham 5 Drawer Chest of Drawers

Enhance your tidying routine with convenient storage baskets, simplifying the task of gathering scattered items and restoring order to your space with ease.

Harness light colour palettes

A sofa and coffee table-living room furniture-two-seater sofa with wooden coffee table and wooden TV unit with storage
Thornley 2-seater sofa | Durham coffee table | Durham TV unit

If you’re decorating a room that you want to feel cosy and inviting then there’s no reason why you can’t use darker hues in your home. If however, you want your space to feel bright and airy, opting for a palette of light neutral shades is the way to go in a small space.

A key trick for creating the illusion that you have more space is to keep your decor light and bright to reflect daylight throughout the space. This encompasses everything from the colour of your walls and floors, to the shade of your soft furnishings, even to the furniture itself.

A sideboard-dining room furniture-wooden sideboard cabinet with coloured glassware
Durham large sideboard

Lightly hued painted furniture, such as Shay and Hove, can make shady corners feel flooded with sunshine. Look to embrace light oak toned pieces with minimalist shapes like the Durham collection to keep a neutral foundation. If you’re still missing some character, add hints of colour with lamps, cushions, artwork or a rug.

Choose elevated minimalist furniture

A wardrobe and chair-bedroom furniture-wooden double wardrobe with upholstered mustard armchair
Durham wardrobe

Minimalist furniture tends to focus on clean lines to create a feeling of space and airiness. Also giving your furniture room to breathe is key. Invest in pieces with elevated legs to create the illusion of floor space as these gaps give the furniture a translucent effect, making the interior space feel less enclosed. Discover our Scandi-influenced collections Durham and Thornley or our slimline mid-century modern-inspired Parquet range.

A bed with bedside table-bedroom furniture-a double king-size bed with wooden bedside table
Parquet bedside table

Another approach is to move furniture out from right against the wall, the goal is to make things feel more roomy by creating a sense of airflow.

Move towards modular sofas

Grey 2 seater sofa and footstool

Gainsborough 2-seater sofaGainsborough storage footstool | @thegosfordmama

Love to lounge but don’t quite have the capacity for a sprawling sofa? Corner sofas are a stylish yet functional way to provide plenty of seating options with their modular design to adapt to different situations and create more minimalist living rooms. In tighter open plan areas, corner sofas are the ideal way of breaking up the room into different zones without it feeling too enclosed.

An armchair and footstool-living room furniture-a beige armchair with wooden legs and storage footstool
Thornley storage footstool | Thornley armchair

Our storage footstools do double duty; not only are they extremely mobile and easy to move around the home, but they also have clever in-built storage for helping to hide excess home clutter that would otherwise be out on display. We love the coordinated look when using a sofa and footstool from the same range, which add function and style to even the smallest of homes!

Embrace Intimate Dining

A dining table and dining chairs-dining furniture-wooden dining table and four chairs with upholstered seats
Durham dining table & four chairs

In the era of open-plan living, where versatility reigns supreme, the demand for a space-saving table and chairs combo is on the rise. Say goodbye to the traditional dining room set-up and hello to multifunctional spaces tailored for everyday living.

Meet the Durham table with four chairs — sleek, modern design and effortless style. Whether nestled into your living room or seamlessly integrated into your kitchen, this ensemble boasts a simply chic silhouette that enhances any space with its understated elegance. Plus, our Ellison chairs are stackable, ideal if you need a couple of spares for larger gatherings.

A painted dark blue and hardwood Oak Furnitureland Highgate dining set with a light blue fabric runner sits in a naturally lit room. Houseplants sit on a wooden wall shelf that runs parallel to the dining set and hang down in front of a large window pane mirror.

Highgate dining set | @mo_morshuis

If you’re looking for a little more flexibility, then foldable furniture is extremely popular which is testament to how useful it is! Space-saving dining tables like our extendable versions can be easily adapted according to need thanks to simple, in-built assembly and disassembly mechanisms.

Glass dining table in a conservatory

Reflection dining table | @ourhexhamhouse

Along a similar vein to the minimalist furniture, glass also makes a space feel less cramped. Not only is it translucent so you can see the floors and walls through it, but it also has a reflective quality that bounces light around the room. A glass dining table would make your dining room feel infinitely less crowded.

Optimise every table

A coffee table and sofa-living room furniture-a wooden coffee table with storage shelf and two-seater sofa
Durham coffee table | Thornley 2-seater sofa

In the reality of compact living, every detail matters. Elevate your space by reimagining your coffee table as more than just a surface—it’s a functional centrepiece. Opt for pieces with added storage, like a lower-level shelf perfect for organising your go-to books and magazines.

A nest of tables and armchair-living room furniture-wooden nest of tables and beige armchair
Durham nest of tables | Thornley armchair

Alternatively, consider the versatility of space-saver tables like a nest of tables, offering seamless flexibility for entertaining. Effortlessly transition between side and coffee tables as the need arises, ensuring your space remains both stylish and practical.

Swap wardrobes for tallboys

A tallboy and chair-bedroom furniture-wooden five drawer tallboy with green velvet accent chair
Durham 5 drawer tallboy | Cosmo accent chair

While wardrobes are fantastically spacious bedroom storage options, they’re not always the best fit for every home. Tallboys can be a brilliant alternative thanks to their space-saving narrow build, meaning they’re easily paired with other bedroom essentials like dressing tables or desks if you’re needing to work from home.

Extra space saving-ideas…

Include mirrors

A corner sofa and footstool-living room furniture-cream corner sofa with matching storage footstool
Malvern sofa

In any home, mirrors are a style solution that are both aesthetically pleasing and inherently practical. Particularly in small homes, they do a wonderful job of elongating the room by playing a trick on the eye and creating the illusion of space. Placing a large mirror or triad of mirrors across one wall will bounce light around the room, which also contributes to the mirage.

Add wall shelves

A bed and bedside tables-bedroom furniture-upholstered double bed with wooden one drawer bedside tables and wooden wardrobe
Durham 1 drawer side table & Durham double bed

Consider the transformative power of wall-mounted shelving as they’re real space savers. By lifting your belongings off the floor, you not only create the feeling of more space but invite the eye upwards adding depth and character to the room. Whether it’s showcasing your favourite knick-knacks, housing skincare essentials or treasured jewellery, be sure to curate your display thoughtfully to avoid overcrowding and the subsequent burden of dusting just more visual clutter.

Hang your plants

Hanging plants over oak bedside table
St. Ives double bed | Original Rustic bedside table

Love cultivating your urban jungle but hate the floor space big, leafy plants take up? Hanging plants are a resourceful way to avoid using precious surface space in a small room. This is an incredibly easy DIY hack, too: just hammer a nail or hook into the wall, cut and loop some rope and affix onto the pot and voila! Remember to keep the pot, soil and plant as light in weight as possible to avoid botany crashing from the ceiling!

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