Easy Interior Design Changes to Make Over The Bank Holiday

With a 3-day weekend coming up, you may be considering making a few quick and easy changes to update your home, ready for the summer season. Whether you have a small budget or none at all, these easy swaps and updates can take anywhere from a few minutes to a day or two but every one will breathe new life into your interiors.

Try just one or two or if you’re really feeling inspired, tackle more to really give your spaces a bit of a shakeup!

Paint Your Walls

Source: Adore Home Magazine / Photo Nikki To  / Design  Catherine Heraghty  /  Styling Alice Stephenson

There’s something incredibly satisfying about a new paint colour on the wall. Once you prep your walls (make sure they are clean and dry with no grease or oils on them), it’s just a simple matter of covering any floors or furniture and getting out the roller.

Why not try the newest trend for a pale blush pink for a summer glow or try a soft and easy-to-live-with pale grey for a fashionable update in an afternoon?

Add a Feature Wall

Source: Graham & Brown

There are so many great wallpapers out there but it’s even easier to update a space now with new technology in wallpaper manufacture. Make the job even easier with a paste-the-wall paper that means you don’t even need a pasting table. Are you a renter or commitment-phobe? Check out the newest designs in peel and stick removable paper for instant pattern and colour.

Style Your Coffee Table

coffee table styling

Source: Swoon Worthy

Has your coffee table become a receptacle for toys, remote controls and old magazines? Why not give it the attention it deserves as one of the centrepieces of your room by styling it with some books, a tray, some fresh flowers picked from the garden and a candle or two? If you need some help in coffee table styling, check out our post here.

Swap Your Rugs

Source: The Every Girl

Rugs can be wonderful at pulling together a room and giving your furniture an anchor, delineating spaces in an open plan living area or adding colour, texture or pattern. If you have a few different area rugs in your home, why not swap the rooms they are in? Your living room rug might actually work well under your dining table or the rug you’ve had in storage might be great in the bedroom.

Looking for more tips? Check out our post on choosing an area rug.

Change Your Handles

Source: Avenue

This simple change doesn’t have to cost the earth but can give a cherished piece of furniture a whole new look in a few minutes. Consider changing the handles on any piece of furniture (even your kitchen cabinets) to give the piece a bit of an easy update!

Update Your Gallery Wall

Source: Emily Henderson / Design by Brady Tolbert / Photo Tessa Neustadt

Have you stopped looking at your gallery wall? Perhaps you’ve had some new shots on your camera or sitting in your hard drive that you’ve been meaning to print and frame. Take advantage of the additional time this weekend and get those printed and up on the walls. Or you can consider giving your gallery wall a little bit of colour by framing pretty texiles, wrapping paper or even wallpaper for an easy and inexpensive update.

If you’re looking for further inspiration, have a look at our tips on creating an eye-catching gallery wall here.

Refresh Your Bedding

Source: Adore Home Magazine /  Coco Republic Design School 

This is an easy one but if your bedding is looking a little tired after a long winter, perhaps it’s time to invest in a new set. Add a few fresh cushions to the bed as well in a new summer pallete and swap out your heaviest duvet with something lighter.

Want to give your bedroom a little more love? Our post on styling your bedroom could help.

Give Your Chairs an Update

reupholstered chair seat

Source: Swoon Worthy

Have your seat cushions seen better days? Reupholstering a seat is not actually that difficult and there are plenty of tutorials online that will share exactly how easy it is. Find a new fresh fabric that you love and within a few hours, you could have a new look for less that it would be to replace them completely.

Add Some Houseplants

Source: Rue Magazine / Brittany Shields / Photography Courtesy of Ponce City Market 

If you are looking to bring the outdoors in, then houseplants are a great way to do this. Dot a few on window sills, stack some in a sunny corner or hang them from your ceiling to bring in colour, organic form and texture.

Want a little extra help? Check out our post on how to decorate with plants here.

Get Organised


Sometimes it’s difficult to see just how lovely our home is because of the influx of daily clutter that comes into our lives. Take a few days to start clearing and organising those areas of the home that seem constantly messy. Rope in the family for a good tidy up and a good deep clean to see your home in a whole new light!

For further reading, check out all our tips on organising here!


What will you be tackling this bank holiday in your home? Let us know in the comments!