There’s a reason why decorating with grey is so on-trend. Sophisticated and serene, it’s the perfect colour to create a blank canvas due to its unfussy yet versatile nature. Will you go for an elegant look paired with silver and velvet, or an industrial-inspired interior? Grey walls, floors and furniture allow your accent pieces to do the talking – and there’s so many ways to pull it off!

Grey decor inspiration

Grey is a great colour to work your own style around. Unlike some other colours, it doesn’t set the tone of an interior by itself, it steps back and lets you decide how you would like to apply it. This is why it’s a perfect, unflappable option for any room of the home:

Jensen grey fabric sofa

Jensen 4 seater sofa / Jensen footstool

Grey bedroom ideas

Industrial style bed, grey bedroomBrooklyn king-size bed / Hove one drawer bedside table / Hove large TV unit

Decorating your bedroom with grey is a great choice for those who want to feel tranquil and serene while they dream. It’s a calming shade that leaves room for warmth. If you’re worried about grey looking too cold, then take the same approach as you would with an all-white room: texture is key.

You could go for the cottagecore aesthetic by using wools on your bed, or take a modern twist on your space by implementing luxurious materials like velvets. Be sure to layer cushions and blankets so you create a soft haven that just begs to be climbed into. Instead of having blinds, flowing curtains will also provide that element of gentleness that you’re aiming for.

Willow grey oak bedroomWillow seven drawer chest / Willow double bed / Willow two drawer bedside table

If you’re wondering what colours go with grey bedroom furniture or interiors, we would recommend soothing pastel shades – think baby pinks, seaside blues, mint greens, warm peaches… Basically, anything that will subtly sing you to sleep and contribute to making your bedroom a total relaxation zone.

Grey living room ideas

For your grey lounge decor, you may want to make more of an impact. Maybe you have a bold focal point that you want to stand out, such as a colourful feature wall or a statement-making sofa. Keep everything else grey and these elements will truly pop without overwhelming the eye.

HOve coffee table in grey living roomBrighton three seater sofa / Hove coffee table / Hove tall bookcase

What colours go with a grey sofa?

Alternatively, you may want to focus grey onto your sofa and armchair arrangements, opting for grey upholstery to welcome guests and family members to relax together. That’s the aim of a social space, right?

Dylan three seater grey recliner sofaDylan three seater electric recliner sofa 

Because grey is so versatile, virtually every colour goes with a grey sofa, no matter if it’s fabric or leather. Some grey sofa colour combos that we love include sunny yellows that will brighten up your space, inky blues that leave behind an aura of chicness, and clean whites that provide a delicate contrast. There’s so much room to experiment!

What furniture goes with a grey sofa?

St Ives Oak nest of tablesSt. Ives nest of tables

Style-conscious designers love the grey-all-over look, so pairing your grey sofa with painted grey furniture is a really fashionable option. This explains why our classic St. Ives range is so popular: we love how fresh and modern the sleek finish feels, but how the pieces still have elements of traditional, rustic styles. One idea is to bookend your grey sofa with the side tables from this collection or point the attention of your seats towards the corner or large TV unit so your grey theme has a visual clarity.

Keep reading the blog for more on styling with painted furniture.

How do you accessorise a grey sofa?

As mentioned, soft furnishings will be your primary accessory with a grey sofa as these provide your splash of colour or opportunity to layer more grayscale shades on top of each other. Additionally, consider hanging a mirror or a clock over your grey sofa to complete the look, or add some houseplants to liven up an interior which you might otherwise perceive as too stark.

Grey dining room ideas

Bringle grey painted oak dining room

Brindle small dresser / Brindle extending dining table and chairs / Brindle large sideboard

Keeping large furniture pieces in the same shade of grey as your walls will give you an understated look that’s ideal for your dining room. This could be light grey walls or floors paired with a farmhouse-inspired dining table from our Brindle range, or even a matching sideboard alongside it. Even the smallest of dining room accessories can be matched, such as beautiful show china in your display cabinet or matte lighting fixtures to spotlight the areas where your family will congregate for mealtimes. All these will add to the overall calm look.

Grey hallway ideas

St ives grey painted solid oak sideboard and

St. Ives  side table / St. Ives small sideboard

Our hallways are often the most neglected area of the home, but they’re so important when it comes to making a first impression! This is why we dare our customers to make a statement in theirs!

How about sage green walls and light grey painted furniture? Or go for something that creates contrast with our deep grey Grove range. Definitely gives the wow factor the second the door opens!


Deep grey painted Oak sideboardGrove small sideboard

Grey decor with oak furniture

Mantis Light Rustic grey bedroomOriginal Rustic triple wardrobe / Original Rustic mirror / Mantis Light bedside table / Mantis Light king-size bed

Where wood furniture can sometimes clash with colours due to its honey-coloured hue, it is enhanced by grey surroundings. Grey walls and brown furniture means that the grain of natural oak or rustic oak looks beautiful against monochromatic hues; the warmth of the wood is highlighted by the coolness of grey. Both are earth tones, so have a stunning natural element about them.

What colours work well with grey?

We’ve touched upon what colours go with a grey sofa, but what about overall colour schemes? Luckily, we have some colour experts on hand to share their favourite colour combos with us:

  • Cool grey and seaglass
  • Platinum and white
  • Light grey and lime
  • Ash grey and sage
  • Stone grey and blushing pink
  • Taupe and beige
  • Mid-greys and terracotta

New ranges

We love finding ways of incorporating calming shades of grey into the home, that’s why we’ve decided to add two new ranges to our collection.

The two new ranges sit on both ends of the grey spectrum – Willow, light and lovely; Grove, chic and slate grey. The individual appeal of these ranges highlight just how versatile grey is in the home, it works well with so many different colours! Whatever room of the home you’re revamping, investing in new collections will help you stay ahead of the upcoming trends, while also incorporating pieces that can be easily switched up and refreshed season-by-season.

The Willow range

Willow grey oak dresserWillow Large Dresser

Willow grey oak coffee table

Willow coffee table

Willow grey dining set

Willow round extending table with 4 chairs

willow grey oak desk

Willow large desk / Willow dining chair

Bring the all-new Willow range into your home. So many of the hues and schemes mentioned above will pair beautifully with this stunning collection. Its bevelled shape and grey washed facade imprints a modern cool in any room. Why not try pairing with purple in all its forms for a glamorous, full-bodied design in your bedroom?

The Grove range

Grove dark grey oak dining table

Grove extendable dining table with 6 chairs

Grove dark grey oak dresser

Grove large dresser

Grove dark grey oak double bed

Grove double bed

Grove dark grey oak dressing set

Grove dressing table / Grove dressing table stool/ Grove dressing table mirror

Introducing the Grove range. Retro-modern in shape, deep grey in colour, a couple of key pieces from this collection will add an edge to any room that all your friends will envy. A console table or small sideboard, for example, and a woven runner will give your hallway an impactful first impression.

Feeling like you’re ready to decorate your home in Grey? Show us how you style this gorgeous colour over on Instagram using #OakFurnitureland.

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