A popular design aesthetic that shows no sign of disappearing, modern farmhouse decor is a beautiful look that blends traditional country interiors with minimal style.

Whether you actually live in a country cottage or are in a more contemporary townhouse or new build, you can easily create a modern farmhouse feel by choosing furniture and design details that echo this trend.

Find inspiration for your own home with our Brompton collection, a painted cabinetry range that epitomises this style perfectly.

A welcome entrance

Brompton small sideboard

Set the scene as soon as you walk through the door by adding a sideboard to your entrance hall. The off-white colour of the painted acacia base, teamed with the lacquered ash top, brings a sense of grown-up elegance to the space.

Not only does this piece of furniture provide handy storage for keys, umbrellas, hats, and more, it also offers a lovely spot where you can add decorative accessories that you can style with all your favourite things.

A large houseplant, such as a Monstera, makes a brilliant contrast against the white backdrop and is a nice way to bring a touch of nature into your home.

Brompton console table | Brompton large sideboard

The range also features a console table that’s perfect for smaller hallways. Place a piece of statement art above to add a touch of homeliness and personality that you can enjoy on a daily basis.

Time to dine

Brompton large dresser | Brompton dining table

Introduce farmhouse elegance to your dining space with the Brompton table and large dresser. The table’s arched crossed legs and through-wedged mortise and tenon joints evoke traditional barn decor at its finest, with the painted finish and grey lacquered top bringing it firmly into modern day.

Brompton large dresser

Dressers are a key piece for creating this look as they instantly add country chic to your home. Both practical and stylish, use the cupboards and drawers of your dresser to store all your dining essentials, while the glass-fronted shelves can display your favourite pieces that deserve to be seen.

The top of the unit is useful space to keep your most-loved cookery books along with pretty crockery, a collection of chopping boards, and not forgetting some fresh foliage for an injection of greenery.

Luxurious lounging

Brompton nest of tables | Brompton small bookcase | Montgomery sofa | Farne rug

The Brompton range is perfect for creating an ethereal feel that marries beautifully with our grey velvet Montgomery sofa. The button back design and tactile fabric brings a luxurious element to living rooms that complements the white and grey details of Brompton.

Brompton coffee table | Montgomery sofa | Farne rug

Pink and green accessories and soft furnishings keep the decor light and airy but also add extra depth with colour contrast. This creates a pulled together yet lived-in look that’s perfect for real life and real homes.

Bedroom bliss

Brompton bed | Brompton 2-drawer bedside table | Brompton 1-drawer bedside table | Brompton 7-drawer chest

Bring modern farmhouse features to your bedroom with the Brompton bed. The tongue and groove Shaker-style detailing on the head and footboards offers an elegant nod to traditional design that echoes Cotswold country homes. It also references beautiful beachy New England style that has seen a resurgence with the coastal grandma trend on Tiktok.

For a touch of colour, choose delicate shades such dusky pink, while silver accessories, lamps and artwork pick up the tones in the gunmetal handles and make a lovely contrast to the off-white cabinetry.

Home office heroes

Brompton desk | Brompton tall bookcase | Marlene chair

Whether you work from home full-time or are in the office a few days a week, most of us now adopt a hybrid approach to our 9-5 so it pays to have a suitable desk, even if you don’t have space for a dedicated home office.

Making your workspace as nice as possible is of course a lovely perk to home working – say goodbye to tatty desks, cheap carpet and strip lighting and instead create a Zen-like space where you can be productive, comfortable and happy.

Brompton desk | Brompton tall bookcase | Marlene chair

The Brompton desk packs a farmhouse style punch while offering all the necessary drawers to neatly organise your paperwork and accessories, along with desk space to accommodate a laptop or monitor, and room to fit a comfortable chair under.

Create the complete stylish home office arrangement by adding a Brompton bookcase that’s perfect for storing all your WFH essentials. Plus, you can display decorative objects, frames and plants to add instant personality to the space.

We hope this has given you some ideas for how to add modern farmhouse decor to your different rooms. We’d love to see how you recreate this look in your own home, so make sure you tag us at #OakFurnitureland on Instagram.