Decorating with Plants

I’m not good with indoor plants and haven’t had any in my home for many years. It’s not that I don’t love them, I’m just not great at caring for them, and they never look great after a few months, often ending up dead. It took me a few years to realise this, so now I don’t have any at all, which I think is a little sad. I do love outdoor plants and because of our inclement weather, they get a much better chance of survival!

Trends are moving and changing all the time, and I’m very aware of how plants, particularly succulents, are gaining popularity right now. I love the way they look, love the containers I’m seeing them in and I’m hopeful that I won’t kill them if I adopt a few into our home. I grew up with many plants in our childhood home and I’d love to have some in my adult home so my children can experience them too.

So, I’ve been hunting around to see how they’re being used in homes right now, to identify if I can incorporate them into our decor. Here’s what I’ve found.


Metallic Pots:

brass planter

The trend for metallic home accessories is still riding high, so popping a plant into a brass planter, like this one from Rose and Grey is a great way to combine two hot trends. I love that it makes such a statement on the side table.


cube terrarium

Terriariums, in their many forms, look incredible as well as being very easy to maintain. A type of mini ecosystem for plants, some are sealed, but many are open to the elements as as are these from Rose and Grey. The geometric form would be great in a contemporary setting, whilst the vibrancy of the plants lifts a neutral colour scheme.

Hanging Planters:


I have a real obsession with indoor hanging planters currently. These diamond geometric resin planters are individually made and finished with a real leather cord from Not on The High Street. Don’t they look striking in a set of 3? Do you have a spot for something like this in your home?

This one below, again from Not on The High Street, is a matt white finish over a ceramic pot, with a strong cotton strap and looks incredibly striking against the succulents. I have just the spot for this one too!



Terracotta Pots:


Finally, these striped teraccotta pots from West Elm, caught my eye for their South American vibe and raw texture and colour. Lined up on a white windowsill, in any kitchen, they’d add a touch of vibrancy and flair to the room. As long as I remembered to water the plants, they’d look just right in my home too.

So, do you like this new, contemporary trend for indoor plants? Are you like me, and longing to give these a go?

jen X