“Back to School” Update for Your Work Space

Chances are your workspace works for you. Well, more or less, I guess since it’s the same with a lot of spaces: they work, but they don’t necessarily fill us with overwhelming joy or inspiration. And yet, when looking at our desk or the corner of our home where we work, being inspired and motivated is really important. One of the reasons why many of us don’t work in offices, but from home instead (ok, maybe not the biggest reason, but certainly one of them) is the fact that office spaces are generally anything but motivating. So, all the more reason to make our own space the best it can be.

Grey Painted Office Desk and Stool

This doesn’t mean you need or should change it on a regular basis, but in order to keep things fresh and look forward to working from that space on a daily basis, I believe it’s important that it inspires you. This time of the year, when the kids are going back to school, is then the perfect opportunity to give your own space a bit of a “back to school” makeover. It’s a little like a new year, a new beginning, a new start for great projects and should be treated as such for you to get back into the swing of things – so to speak. So here a few tips on how to update your workspace for the “new work year”.

Small things can have a big impact: whatever your style, sometimes just exchanging your standard desk accessories for something a little more glam can make you really look forward to getting back to work each morning. Items like stapler, pens, mouse mats and sticky tape dispensers can make your desk look fabulous without costing a fortune or taking away too much space. Since you’ll probably need those items anyway, you might as well make them good-looking ones.

Hove white painted desk and stool

Add flowers and plants: With the days slowly getting shorter and the light fading earlier, it can be hard to keep our motivation going throughout the day and miss those warm summer days when nature is in full bloom. This is where fresh flowers provide an excellent way of adding some natural touches that also look pretty. If you’re not keen on the idea of buying new flowers on a weekly basis, then a lush green plant will also do the trick – as long as there’s a little bit of green on your desk, it will help.

Natural Oak Office Desk

Change your wall: ok, I don’t mean actually, literally changing your wall, I mean changing around what you have on it. Refresh your inspiration wall, change around the images, put things up that inspire you and spark your creativity. The only thing you might want to stay away from are holiday snaps, after all they’ll probably just make you want to go straight back rather than work…

mid century modern office furniture

One more thing: the chair. Now is the right time (you know, new school year, new start, you don’t need to save for the next holiday yet and Christmas is still just about far enough away) to invest in a “proper” office chair that will support your back and make your work less strenuous. In the long run, this is probably the most important investment when looking at updating your office space, but well worth it considering how much time you will spend at your desk, right?