7 Ways to Style Your Bed

For most people ways to style your bed is simply a duvet and a few pillows and that’s the done deal. The truth is, your bed is the centrepiece of your bedroom. Therefore, when you walk into your room, it’s really the first thing you see. Creating a cosy personal space is all about getting the little elements right and in turn, making what’s normally the biggest piece of furniture in your room the most inviting.

Today I wanted to share different examples of how the elements that make up a bed – from the duvet and pillows to throws and decorative cushions – can all play a role in getting a unique style. Swap around your accessories and you can change the whole look quite easily. Here are seven very different but inspiring bedrooms to show how you might approach styling your bed. Which appeals to you the most?

Hotel Chic

Hotel Chic Style Bedroom

For a lush hotel style room, you’ll want a look that’s more tailored and formal. Here, a subtle stripe on the duvet plays second fiddle to the eye-catching geometric pattern of two smaller square cushions on each of the cushions. The blue accent is picked up again with a simple flatweave throw tucked under the mattress, creating a sophisticated space for any professional. For the hotel look, you’ll want to reign in your colour palette – keep the main bedding simple and low-key in white and aim for adding a few choice accents in similar colourways.


Arlette Bed & Bedside Table which pink accessories

Even if you like your surroundings to be more sparse, there’s no need to neglect the bed. Here, layers create touchable textures without screaming for attention. Some simple white linens with a tactile throw and a few choice cushions in soft greys and pinks are all that is required to create a bed that’s both inviting without being overwhelming. The whole space gives you a sense of calm. Keep your palette soft and neutral but play with textures to keep things interesting.


Scandi Bedroom Style

For the Scandi look, a monochrome palette of black, white and grey is a staple. If you’re worried that your room will feel too cold, make sure to layer soft linens, subtle patterns and chunky knits to keep the space looking snug rather than sparse. You might also want to consider bringing in some subtle pops of colour or simple wood accents to warm up the look.


Sorbet Bedroom

Eclectic style is all about mixing and matching items to form new energy in a space. Here, tactile layers are combined to create a wonderfully inviting mix of patterns and textures. You’ll notice here as well that despite incorporating numerous patterns, the palette is actually fairly restrained, with sorbet yellow being the predominant colour. When mixing and matching fabrics, make sure one colour is the hero and repeat that colour throughout the space to create a cohesive, yet playful look.


Vintage Bedding

For those that love the challenge of the hunt, vintage could potentially be your perfect style. Marrying items from different eras in your design will result in an eclectic look but be sure to bring in some warmer accents and neutral colours to soften the scheme. Here, a vintage throw is allowed to be the star with just a few simple white textural pillows as accents. With a beautifully patterned throw or a statement cushion, a restrained look is perfect to let your one hero piece shine.


Boho BedroomBohemian looks are really all about comfort so it’s the perfect style for a bedroom. Play with patterns and textures with a global feel and don’t worry too much about matching your fabrics. This is a look that’s ideal for those who love lots of layers as well, perfect for hibernating during the colder months ahead. For this look, you don’t want to scrimp on things like blankets, throws and throw cushions for this statement style.

So those are just seven ways to style your bed! How do you style your own? Share your pics with us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and we’ll be sure to feature our favourites!