19 Ways To Style Your Dining Table

The dining room table is one of the main places your family and friends gather in your home, so it needs to be made to last. Whatever your dining room style, you’ll find a table that fits it like a glove, whether it be real hardwood throughout, with a glass top or with metal legs. You may choose a natural, oak, painted or mango finish and perhaps find you need an extendable option. Maybe you’ll opt for benches instead of chairs (be they oak or upholstered) or round tables instead of ones with four edges – the options are endless, you’ll just want to know how to style them.

1. Dramatic art deco

Round oak table with white painted chairs

Kemble dining chair / Trinity dining table

Create contrast by layering bold colours on top of one another and you’ll have a breathtakingly fashionable corner of your home. The monochrome art deco print is truly fearless, especially when partnered with the jet black and ivory white walls, yet it’s appropriately subdued by the lilac Kemble chairs and the soft natural oak of the Trinity round dining table. Round up the look with an odd-ball centrepiece and ruby red accessories.

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2. Marvellous mid-century modern

Retro parquet dining set in open plan kitchen

Parquet dining table with two benches / Parquet dining chair / Parquet small dresser

With its classic woodblock shape and rich, glazed finish, our new Parquet range will bring an updated rustic look to your dining room. If you have exposed stone tiles, the crossed oak planks that make up the surfaces of this range adds to the natural feel of the room. To complete the outdoorsy effect, replace your traditional dining room chair with a bench, making every mealtime feel like an alfresco outing.

3. Capture the spirit of the tropics

mango oak dining table and chairs set

Kemble large sideboard / Mantis Light 6ft dining table / Brooklyn dining chair / Mantis Light dining chair / Kemble dining chair

Who said less is more? Embrace warm home design as well as your eclectic side with a tropical-inspired dining room. Use a daring print across one wall and accompany with a mismatched dining set, combining different materials for a free-spirited flow. We’ve thrown together rustic oak, solid mango, painted hardwood and metal and woven textures.

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4. Go for glass

Contemporary glass dining table with chairs and bench

Reflection dining table / Loop dining chairs / Bench / Bevel display cabinet

Build your own chamber of reflection with a glass-topped dining room table. Our Reflection table, available with either natural or rustic oak legs, is the ideal option if you have a dining room that sits on the small side: being able to see through its translucent glass top makes the room feel bigger, with the bouncing light creating the illusion of space.

5. Pick your primary palette

Brindle collection dining room painted dining tables and chairs

Brindle extendable dining table with six chairs

Especially in terms of painted furniture, your dining room table can provide a base for you to pick your colour palette from. For example, the stylish sage of our Brindle dining table with six chairs leaves room for deep greens and gorgeous greys in the rest of your colour scheme. Accentuate the look with brassy kitchenware to bring the set right into the 21st-century.

6. Family-friendly comfort

curved oak dining table with grey fabric dining chairs

Romsey extendable dining table / Scroll Back dining chair / Romsey small sideboard / Romsey tallboy / Romsey wall mirror

For many of us, the comfort of our family comes at the forefront of our dining room design. Our Romsey range, with its soft rounded corners and playful details, fits the bill perfectly. In this range, the dining table is extendable, allowing you to invite more members of your clan to dinner with just a flick of the wrist – Sunday roasts have never been so special. They’ll feel right at home with our ultra-cosy fabric upholstered dining chairs. Stylewise, scatter pops of colour across your sunny natural oak surfaces in your centrepieces, table layout and with ornamental crockery.

7. Experiment with lines and levels

rustic autumnul dining room

Mantis Light dining table / Cross Back dining chair / Rhodes bar stool

If you have the luxury of space in your dining room, you may want to incorporate different levels. Start with a dining room table – we love this one from our Mantis Light range because of its boxy, minimalist style. Extend lines using stools with elongated legs against a breakfast bar, creating a substantial height above the rest of your dining room seating.

8. Find a sideboard to match

Hove white painted and natural oak dining table

Hove extendable dining table with six chairs / Hove large sideboard

Those with a penchant for coordinating dining rooms will see filling a room with pieces from the same range as a huge achievement, creating focus and unity in a truly satisfying way. All of our ranges have dining tables with sideboards that match – why spend time struggling to find something that might work when you could have the whole suite?

9. Opt for open plan kitchen-diner

a kitchen with round dining table and bookcase

Pedestal dining table / Loop dining chair / Hercules tall bookcase

Open plan living-dining-cooking spaces are ideal for those who want to create a buzzing social hub in their home. Take advantage of ‘zones’ to organise this space: the cabineted corner of the above kitchen-diner is the ideal space for the charming Pedestal dining table and Loop dining chairs to slot into, the round tabletop perfect for an intimate dining experience.

10. Cool blue dining

Grey painted dining set in cool blue wintery dining roomShay dining table with six chairs

Whites and greys are incredibly refreshing colours, however, the starkness of white alone can often leave a clinical feel. Pair your Shay dining set with layers of similar hues – be it tonal greys or sea glass blues – for a natural, pebbly texture, broken up by the creamy table’s natural oak top.

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11. Scandi chic

scandinavian style matching dining room furniture

Oscar dining table / Oscar dining chair / Oscar bench / Ellipse drinks cabinet / Ellipse small sideboard

Scandi is a timeless trend that’ll always be in style thanks to its pared-back simplicity. Our Oscar dining set is effortless thanks to its strong and slender stature and delicate curved edges. It’s simply beautiful as is, but if you want to complete the look, we recommend pairing with pieces from our Ellipse or Cascade ranges as these collections provide a unique twist on classic Scandi design.

12. Embrace eclecticism

Cream painted dining room table and chairs

Country Cottage dining table / Curve Back dining chair

Eclecticism can be outrageous but it can also be subtle, providing pattern and contrast. Geometrics can contribute to this home style and really give your dining room an edge. For example, choose a neutrally coloured dining table like this one from our Country Cottage collection and alternate the colours of your chairs; the opposite colours will interconnect diners.

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13. Direct your dining towards natural light

rustic dining table set with bench in bright kitchen

Alto dining table / Fret dining chair / Natural bench

Your dining room lighting plays a huge role in regulating the mood of the room. We would always recommend placing your dining table and chairs as close to natural light sources as possible to allow the sun’s rays to flow in all day long, meaning you can’t just enjoy mealtimes in this space but also lively family breakfasts, calming afternoon cuppas and after school homework clubs, as well as a place for you to sit down comfortably with your laptop.

14. Cultivate an indoor arboretum

Industrial Table in Botanical Kitchen

Brooklyn dining table / Brooklyn bench / Arlette console table

We couldn’t rave enough about houseplants and all they bring to your home design. Throughout the home, they create a feeling of calmness and tranquillity and, in our Greenhouse dining room, they breathe life and inject colour into a space, decorating the mostly white and grey scheme with emerald accents.

Want to bring houseplants home? Ro Co will teach you how to choose, style and care for your leafy friends.

15. Christmas is coming

grey painted dining set in christmas themed kitchen

St. Ives dining table with six chairs

It’s never too early to think about the most wonderful time of the year. Not only does the sleek wintry grey of our St. Ives dining set fit a festive themed dining room to a T, but it also has a year-round modern elegance. Change up your style season-by-season with a series of different table runners, lighting fixtures and placemats. With a versatile table like this one, your options are endless.

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16. Introduce elegance

coastal style kitchen diner

Shay 4ft dining table / Loop dining chair

There’s something about natural oak and soft greys that scream elegance, which is why customers love our easy, breezy Shay range. Its versatile painted finish means your accessories can come from any shade of the rainbow and still shine. We’ve opted for crystalline glasses and nautically-inspired porcelain, drawing from the dark navy panelling of this dining room.

17. Crisp curves

oak dining table in open plan kitchen diner

Crossley dining table with six chairs / Rhodes cross back bar stool

It’s not all about stark lines and boxy shapes in the dining room – our Crossley dining table has a beautiful, bouncy effect thanks to the floatable shape of its legs, combining elements of traditional rustic and contemporary farmhouse design. Pair with our modernly flared Curve Back chairs and you have a wonderfully soft dining effect.

18. Contrast hardwood

sage green painted dining table and contrasting chairs

Brindle extendable dining table / Brindle dining chair

If you’ve fallen in love with coordinating furniture but worried about a matchy-matchy finish, throw in a couple of natural or rustic oak elements for good measure. Keep your harmonised furniture at the centre – your Brindle dining set, for example – and add contrast with 100% natural solid oak chairs.

19. Mellow yellow

round oak dining table and chairs in rustic dining room

Pedestal dining table / Hercules display cabinet / Loop dining chairs

In a very subtle way, yellow is the most powerful colour in this scheme. From the honey-toned natural and rustic oaks to the vases and pots to the curtain in the corner, yellow is abundant. Using this sunny shade is a wonderful way to add cheeriness and brightness to your dining room.

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