Ideal Home Show 2018: Interview with Natalie Osborn

We interviewed the deputy editor of Good Homes Magazine, Natalie Osborn, at this year’s Ideal Home Show to ask her to spill the beans on her favourite roomset, her expert tips on how to use colour in the home, and what interior design trends she predicts will be huge for the year ahead.

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Video Transcription

What top interior trends do you predict for 2018?

Well botanicals are HUGE at the moment. They are showing no signs of slowing down at all and one thing we’ve done that is really interesting in the bedroom roomset is that we’ve mixed real and faux botanicals, and you CANNOT TELL  and it’s a really nice way of bringing that trend into the home so you don’t have to splash out and you can invest in the succulents that you really love, and the ferns that you love, and you don’t have to worry about watering them. So that is huge, that is going tostay around. And I also really like seeing that people are becoming a lot more confident with colour. And they’re really using darker and richer, aubergine, black, charcoal colours as well. So if you look at our kitchen roomset, that’s black. It’s really deep black and charcoal. And we’ve got rid of any light colours from there as well, which is a really nice trend to get on board with because it brings such drama into the home.

What style advice do your readers ask for?

Style advice is all about colour. Honestly, colour is where people stumble because they’re not really sure how to bring things together, what colours are going to work well together, what accent colours to use. So what we like to do in Good Homes is focus on that. We have features on colour every issue, and we show you how to bring those accents in as well, so we’ll focus on one colour at a time and say, okay well gold goes with this, or maybe like a eucalyptus green will go with this. So that’s how we focus on colour.

Which is your favourite roomset and why?

My favourite bedroom is the bedroom! Because I love plants! You probably noticed I spoke a lot about the botanicals trend, because I really love it! I think it brings such freshness into your home. It brings organic patterns into your home, and that’s what I love, the bedroom. The bedroom all the way.