We all need somewhere to hang our clothes, but finding the perfect storage solution can be tricky when your bedroom is on the smaller side. But just because you’re lacking space, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on style! Compact spaces may require a little more creativity when it comes to using wall and floor space, but there are some hard and fast rules that you can follow to make sure you find the right solution for you, and wardrobes make no exception. We’ve rounded up our top tips for finding the best wardrobe design for your small bedroom.

How do you fit a wardrobe in a small room?

Small wardrobes for small bedrooms

Original Rustic Oak double wardrobe

Original Rustic double wardrobe | @holcombedreaminteriors

The first thing you’ll need to think about is the size. Will the wardrobe actually fit in your small bedroom? While it might be tempting to try a 3-door wardrobe, the reality is that they’ll overwhelm the space you have, making it – rather than the bed – the focal point of the room. Instead, choose furniture that’s appropriately sized to the space it will be living in.

A double wardrobe still provides plenty of hanging space and choosing ones with drawers means you have more room to store your jumpers, jeans or linens without using up precious hanging space. But make sure you leave enough space! You’ll need around 20cm at the front of your chosen wardrobe to allow for opening the doors and maneuvering around it. For more info on optimal bedroom layouts, take a look at our bedroom measurement guide.

Use the whole wardrobe

Parquet Oak double wardrobe

Parquet double wardrobe | @709_design

We all know that wardrobes provide indispensable, hidden storage. But why not make the most of the extra storage created on the outside of the piece. Above it, next to it, the sides, make maximise the space you’ve gained! The top of a wardrobe comes as a ready made shelf, perfect for ornaments or your favourite rattan storage boxes. Why not pop a wicker basket next to the wardrobe, full of dried flowers, or even your spare linens? Your options are endless.

Where should you put a wardrobe in a bedroom?

Make the most of alcoves

Brindle painted Oak double wardrobe

Brindle double wardrobe | @edwardian_home_renovation

Many older properties have bedroom alcoves around a chimney breast, some may be fortunate enough to still have a beautiful fireplace fitted! Alcoves provide an amazing opportunity to squeeze in those often cumbersome wardrobes, particularly when it comes to a bedroom that’s lacking space. Fit it into one side of the chimney breast, while creating an element of balance and symmetry with another furniture piece, such as a chest of drawers or dressing table, on the other side.

Make sure to measure up the space so that it slots in seamlessly to its surrounding walls. If you’re working with a period property, remember that walls tend not to be straight. Make sure to take measurements from several parts of the wall to ensure it will fit all the way along.

Build-in a wardrobe

Parquet bedside table | @young.dumb.broke38

If you’re worried that a wardrobe may make your space feel cluttered and claustrophobic, a built-in wardrobe offers a beautifully sleek alternative. Whether you fill available alcoves, or make use of a vacant wall, these floor-to-ceiling bedroom additions can actually make your room feel more spacious. What’s more, it means that your favourite furniture pieces can take the centre stage, whether it be your bed, dressing table, chest of drawers, or bedside tables.

Make sure to paint the new fixture the same colour as your bedroom walls so that they melt into the wall, making the room feel bigger.

Best wardrobe designs for small bedrooms

Blend your wardrobe in

St Ives double wardrobe

St. Ives Double Wardrobe | @ukvictorianterrace

When it comes to smaller bedrooms, we can’t create space, but we want to create the illusion of space. A great way to do this is matching your wardrobe colour to your walls, so that they almost dissolve into their surroundings. This premise is the same regardless of wall colour, while some may shy away from darker furniture in a darker room, it can create a delicious cocooning effect, perfect for a deep night’s sleep.

Make a statement

Parquet double wardrobe

Parquet double wardrobe | @jlg-designs

If your wardrobe has to sit at an awkward angle or you can’t find a piece that matches your existing colour palette, make a statement! Give your bedroom instant wow factor with a stylish and eye-catching wardrobe option. If it has to take up floor space in a small room, make it worth the square footage! We love how the detail of the Parquet range provides an interesting edge to any bedroom. Its decorative style, intriguing mid-century modern characteristics, yet rich warmth from its honey hue makes for a beautifully unique wardrobe, no matter your existing decor.

Get rid of the wardrobe altogether

Brooklyn industrial style 7 drawer oak chest

Brooklyn 7 -drawer chest | @notanotherhanbury_

Hanging rails are all the rage in the interior design world – and not just for the industrial decor lovers. Hanging rails can create a sleek and clean look in your bedroom, as well as some extra character and intrigue. For the fashion forward, this is also a perfect opportunity to show off your brilliant wardrobe! There’s a whole host of open wardrobe ideas for small bedrooms to choose from. Let your creativity run wild!

You should now be ready to kit out your small bedroom with the perfect wardrobe design! Head over to our wardrobe collections to find a stylish two door piece, or gain some more tips for styling a small bedroom here. Don’t forget to show us your style on Instagram, tag us, or use #OakFurnitureland.