Greys, browns, blues, whites… There’s myriad sofa colours on the market, but what is the best colour sofa to buy? When it comes to your living room, your sofa is often the focal piece of furniture and the rest of the room’s design tends to reflect this is based around in some form, be it the sofa’s physical shape or the shade of its upholstery. Do you want your sofa to blend in beautifully with its surroundings or act as a statement piece? We’ve run down the best colour options to help you make your mind up.

What colours go with a brown leather sofa?

If you’re looking for the best colours to pair with a brown leather sofa, then you’ll want to opt for an earth tone colour palette. Brown has a reputation for being a dull, monochromatic colour, but we couldn’t disagree more! There’s such a rich selection of brown shades: tan, honey, chocolate, the list goes on.

Here are the brown leather sofa colour schemes we’re loving at the moment:

  • Beckon in the sunshine with sand-inspired whites and yellows
  • Go for the urban feel with modern blacks and off-whites
  • Add feeling with textural browns, think exposed brick and natural or rustic oak furniture
  • Soak up earthy terracotta and/or deep fuchsia to add an understated warmth

Need a bit more inspiration? We’ve got you covered! Take a look at our brown leather sofa guide.

Oak Furnitureland brown leather Turin armchair in a green room.

Turin armchair | Romsey console table

If you love earthy hues and Mediterranean-inspired shades, we think you’ll love our Turin sofa range. The round shape of the cushions and armrests beckon relaxation, while the brown leather complements warm colour palettes, demonstrating just how vibrant a sofa of its kind can be in the right living room.

Dexter Brown fabric sofa
Dexter 2-seater sofaDexter storage footstoolOriginal Rustic console table

If maybe you’d love a brown sofa but leather isn’t your thing, then these shades will also pair well with a fabric version. Take inspiration from our Dexter range of sofas that exhibit traditional design features, which makes any of these pieces perfect for classic living room interiors – think modern manor house with layers of neutral blues and greys. As brown is such a touchstone of colour when it comes to room design, with Dexter, the devil is in the details such as the button stitching, tartan accenting and ornate, hardwood feet.

What colours go with a grey sofa?

Want to know the best colours to pair with a grey sofa? Then you’re in luck! We struggled to find any colours that don’t go with a grey sofa. That’s because grey living room colour schemes are oh-so on-trend thanks to their versatility and elegance.

But here are the ones that make our favourites list:

  • Prettify your interiors with pastels such as lilacs, baby blues, soft pinks
  • Citric colours, like lime, tangerine, lemon, will add a zest of life
  • Blacks and off-whites carry on the neutral theme
  • Get inspired by natural eco-systems, like the jungle or seaside

Texas grey fabric corner sofa
Texas left-hand corner sofa

The silver fabric upholstery of our Texas sofas has an ever-so-slight violet tinge which gives it a super soft edge. Our painted furniture ranges would be ideal with a Texas sofa, as would modern-retro style collections like Romsey with its sunny natural oak disposition.

Zociac leather corner sofa

Zodiac 5-seater modular corner sofa

On the other hand, slate grey is having its time in the spotlight, so you may be tempted by the contemporary cool of our modular Zodiac sofas. Ideal for large living rooms with loads of natural light, pair with jewel tones like jade or opal to inject some rich pops of colour that will complement the sleek upholstery.

Bramble grey floral sofa

Bramble 2-seater sofa

See, we told you grey was versatile! Make a loud and proud statement with a printed grey fabric, like you’ll find here in our Bramble sofa. As we value the individuality of every home, Bramble comes in a variety of plain and patterned body fabrics as well as 10 different colour combinations. Patterned greys are a really great option for a neutral living room that doesn’t want to stick to monochromatic or grayscale shades.

What colours go with a black sofa?

If you’re opting for a black sofa in your living room colour scheme, much like with dark grey, we would recommend black is paired with either light colours across the walls and floors, or with lots of natural lighting so your room feels less shadowy (unless the gothic look is what you’re striving for!).

There are a few palette options available to help bring out the best in a black sofa:

  • Block-like monochrome, especially when it’s art deco-inspired
  • Keep it understated and add soft tones like ivory, pastel blue or light matte grey
  • Add splashes of amber and daring reds for a bold contrast
  • Choosing gold/ metallic accenting or mustard hues will add warmth
  • Adding inky navy tones will create an eclectic feel

What colours go with a blue sofa?

Blue is the statement, characterful colour choice. Whether you’re opting for a cooling powder blue, blue and white stripes or an electric pop of velvet blue, this colour will always make an impact. But it’s how you style it that will determine how bold you want your statement to be.

Whether you go for luxurious blue walls and floors, or white and wood to soften your blue sofa, there are lots of different design schemes that makes a blue sofa a winning choice, some you might be surprised at:

  • Seaglass shades to add an element of serenity and interest
  • Burnt orange feels like an opposing colour, but it’s actually a show-stopping combo!
  • Retro beach colours (think whites, reds and sandy yellows) are a friendly, welcoming interior scheme
  • Metallic hues, particularly silver, copper or brass, add edge and depth

Oak Furnitureland blue velvet Montgomery sofa and armchair in living room with green walls.
Montgomery 2-seater sofa and armchair | @rachelducker

If opulence tickles your fancy, you’ll be sure to fall in love with the sumptuous style, shape and touch of our Montgomery sofa range. Designed to pay homage to the iconic Chesterfield style, the velvet upholstery is a contemporary twisteffect that makes room for Montgomery in the modern living room.

What colours go with a beige sofa?

Your living room doesn’t always have to be bold to be beautiful, nor does beige need to be boring. A neutral beige sofa fabric can span the shades of taupe, grey and cream and is truly chameleonic when it comes to home design, but remains attractive without shouting look at me!

Here are some beige sofa colour scheme ideas:

  • Cottagecore, florals, forest greens, natural and rustic oak, is one of the biggest interior design trends at the moment
  • Scandi neutrals are a cool, contemporary look
  • Incorporating stone adds contrast
  • Prints and patterns such as peacock or polka dots allow you to express your personality

Malvern Modular beige two seater sofa
Malvern modular 2-seater sofa

Our Malvern modular sofa range is effortless, it’s lovely and laid-back thanks to its trendy shape and boho-inspired upholstery. With a crisp sofa like Malvern, you can tactfully embrace splashes of colour while maintaining a truly palliative tranquil ambience that will never go out of style.

Can you mix sofa colors?

We certainly advocate mixing sofa colours because sofas are a long-term investment. If you love shaking up your home style, your sofa needs to be flexible and versatile as you swap out new prints, pillows and throws each season. Mixing and matching sofas with accent chairs and armchairs is also a fantastic way to express yourself and your eclectic tastes. Shop our full range of sofas online today.sofa