How to Mix and Match Sofas and Chairs

Having matching sofas and chairs is the classic way to create a beautiful seamless look in your living room, but there are other equally elegant ways to approach seating arrangements in your home. Perhaps you have a beloved sofa that your children have sat on since they could crawl, but you fell in love with an accent chair you saw online and are worried it could seem out of place. How can you piece the styles together to create the living room of your dreams?

Montana Sofa with Floral Accent ChairMontana Sofa / Amelia Accent Chair / Shay Nest of Tables

This is where, when furnishing our homes, we need to start thinking about how to style those potentially mismatched items together in a way that is personal, homely and doesn’t end up looking conflicting. When it comes to sofas and chairs, it can sometimes be a little tricky to figure out whether they work together or not. Yet, there are ways to make it work if we just take a few things into account and use some small tricks to pull it all together.

Jasmine Sofa Bed and Red Accent chair against blue panelled wall

Sofa / Accent Chair / Coffee Table / Bookcase / Lamp

Your Style

First of all, you should look at your home’s overall style. If it’s contemporary and modern, then don’t try to match it with a floral accent chair. Whilst such extreme juxtapositions can occasionally work to great effect, it can be a really fine line between ‘wow’ and ‘what were you thinking?’, not something we would advise to attempt if you’re on any kind of budgetary restrictions. When deciding on what pieces to incorporate into your living room, think about how you want it to look, what style you want to create and keep in mind what trends or styles will suit your space.

Fabric Choices

One way to create contrast in a room is to pick a shape or style that repeats in your furniture but incorporates various fabrics.

Sumptuous leathers, rich velvets and cord pieces can look great when paired with a linen style fabric. If you do decide to mix different fabrics, keep in mind the proportions of the furniture. A rich chocolate sofa with a large frame will look disproportionate if paired with a small framed fabric chair. You can also create balance by incorporating one of the fabrics into the accessories and layering them on the other pieces.

Using Patterns

Bookcase, blue sofa & floral pattern footstool

Sofa / Footstool / Bookcase

A patterned footstool will create a beautiful focal point in your living room and can be complemented by having a sofa that picks up a key colour in the pattern. Here the Amelia Storage Footstool has been paired with a bold blue fabric sofa, mixing beautifully patterns and prints. Keeping the sofa fabric in a solid colour helps create a contrast in the room but by picking up the pattern in the cushions, keeps the room balanced rather than busy. If you want to try and recreate this look at home, pick out a colour and use it to guide you when looking for fabric furniture to compliment your sofa. You can also utilise the print or the other colours in the pattern in different pictures or accessories around the room to create an eclectic but cohesive feel.

Using Colour

Blue Sofa & Chairs

Sofa / Armchair / Accent Chair / Footstool / Bookcase / Lamp Table / Sideboard

If you don’t want to use different shapes or styles of seating in your living room, you can always go down the mix-and-match colour route within a coordinated range.

Use fabrics & patterns that complement your accessories and other soft furnishings, just as we have done here with our Jasmine range, and then scatter pillows for a textured look.

When using colour to create variation try to keep your furniture within a minimal colour scheme. Choose a shade and layer the various hues around the room or in the fabric and pattern to keep a sense of calm.

Colourful Accent Chairs and Bookcase

Arm Chair / Accent Chair / Bookcase / Clock

If you prefer warmer hues, you can incorporate vibrant shades and patterns to create a welcoming and uplifting space. Start by choosing a neutral hue and then choose key pieces that will work in a bolder tone.
For example, the picture above is a great demonstration of using strong colours to pull mismatched furniture together. One chair is a different colour to the sofa but has a cushion that matches the burnt orange of the fabric. While the grey print chair is not exactly the same pattern as the wallpaper, it has the same geometric feel with similar grey-white undertones. Even the accessories on the bookshelf match the colour scheme across the room, pulling it all together. And this is how this completely mismatched room looks varied yet put together – even if none of the items actually are the same. Pretty clever, right?

If you don’t feel confident in choosing colourful combos or if your room is small and cosy, try and stick to using just one strong shade to start with and then incorporate more into the accessories.

I hope these tips are useful to you and will help you put together your very personal look.

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