How To: Style Your Dining Room For Christmas

Which room is the “most important” one at Christmas? The kitchen because that’s where the feast is being cooked? The living room because that’s where the tree is? Or maybe the dining room because, after all, that is the room where we are most likely to gather with our family, share Christmas dinner and spend more than a few hours together. Whilst every room is of course “important”, I believe that the sharing of this iconic meal makes the dining room of particular significance. So, if you’re looking for some inspiration on how to decorate this room, look no further. I have come up with a few ideas which will hopefully inspire you and give you some ideas!

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Christmas dining

Now, one of the first things you will need to think about is whether the table comes first or the room. That means that if you already have a specific table setting in mind, chances are you will decorate your room to match your table. On the other hand, if you’re completely undecided about your table, then you could start with the room scheme and decorate your table accordingly.

Christmas dining

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Of course you will need to decide on an overall scheme which will most likely tie in with your usual style. So, if your style is fairly glam, then a beautifully elegant white and silver scheme will probably work really well in your dining room. You will want to pay attention to the details: once you’ve decided to go completely with one style, don’t be tempted to add non-matching items. This is where consistency is key. Of course you can go for an overall “mix and match” scheme, that’s a completely different story though. So, elegant and glam or classic and county, choose a style and stick with it.

Christmas dining

There is, however, a trick to pull different styles together: by decorating your dining room with lots of greens (tree, garlands etc.) and simple white light, you’re creating the perfect backdrop for any kind of table decorations. This is where you could go with either gold & white, rustic & red, minimalist black. With a simple green backdrop, anything else is possible.

Christmas dining

If you’re not really “the christmassy type” or you’re partial to a bit of scandinavian minimalism, but have a family that still expects the Christmas decorations or you don’t actually want to miss out on all the fun, then something really pared-back and simple is just the right thing. No matter how simple the decorations, if you choose some stars and fairy lights, it will look festive.

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There’s still one other solution if you’re really stuck: ignore the room and concentrate all your efforts on the table only. If you’re really not that interested (and I know there are some of you who just aren’t, which is fine) in decking the halls, then just decorating your table will still give your room a festive feel. Some green branches, candles, metallic touches, you can bring it all together for a beautiful display. After that, all that matters is some good food and good company and surely that’s what Christmas is for, right?