How to Style White and Grey Painted Furniture

As a colour, white or pale colours often signifies cleanliness, purity and a sense of calm and it may be for these reasons that light-coloured furniture has become more popular than ever. We’re all seeking out a sense of calm in our lives and our homes provide the perfect sanctuary to whatever troubles may lay outside of it.

shaker bedroom furniture

Rolling out to stores now, Oak Furniture Land has just released two new ranges – the Shaker and the Arlette – each which encompass a sense of calm and serenity to your home this year. They both signal a first for us as there’s no natural wood showing but as you’ve come to expect, all the pieces are 100% solid hardwood all through, from top to bottom and front to back.

Today, we’re sharing ideas on styling these ranges and why the lightest shades of furniture can be the perfect choice for nearly every home.

Why Decorate with White Furniture?

arlette sideboard

Alongside the colour associations, we have with using white, light tone furniture will create a sense of space and light in your home. Whilst darker stained furniture may feel visually ‘heavier’ in a room, white lends itself well to smaller areas or to emphasise a feeling of lightness and space in a larger one.

White also reflects more natural light around a room, creating a bright and breezy feel that’s so popular today. Thanks to its simplicity, it’s easy to marry to nearly any other wood tones you may already have and mixes well with every colour palette.

It can easily be incorporated into a room which is neutrally decorated. Combine it with shades of grey, taupe or natural wood and organic materials like houseplants, bamboo flooring or a sisal rug for a spa-like feel or to embrace the look of ‘California Cool’.

arlette living room furniture

If you like a bolder look, consider painting your walls in darker or bolder shades and your white furniture becomes a stand-out piece, popping against its colourful backdrop.

Shaker: Feminine Botanical

shaker feminine botanical collage of furniture

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Our Shaker range encompasses quiet simplicity in pure white with silver coloured, brushed metal handles. The slim legs on these pieces lift the furniture from the floor, creating a greater sense of space within a room and its light colour is the perfect choice for smaller spaces without compromising on quality or on style. Combine our Shaker Painted Hardwood Round Dining Table and matching dining chairs with a bold botanical floral wallpaper, gold and brass lighting and green and pink accents for a soft and feminine look inspired by the beauty of nature.

Shaker: Cool Coastal

Shaker cool coastal furniture collage

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The Shaker range is also the perfect fit for a bedroom scheme which takes its cues from blue skies and beach huts. Set the scene with our Shaker Painted Hardwood Double Bed and add accents which hint at a nautical look like woven baskets or lighting. Finish off your décor with natural objects like driftwood for a taste of the seaside all year round.

Arlette: Modern Country

Arlette modern country collage

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With a nod to French Farmhouse style, our Arlette range has a country feel in a sleek and stylish mid-tone grey but the finish is smooth and smart, rather than shabby chic. Combine the range with our Dorchester 3-seater High Back sofa alongside a bold contemporary floral patterned rug, a soft grey paint and teal accents for a fresh new take on country living.

Arlette: Relaxed Bohemian

arlette relaxed bonhemian collage

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Of course, you don’t only need to stick with white painted furniture in a room. Our Arlette Painted Solid Hardwood King Size Bed and matching chest of drawers make the perfect companions to our rustic oak ranges for a relaxed eclectic mix. Embrace bohemian vibes by combining a mix of finishes with an ethic woven rug, plants, baskets and wall hangings for a relaxed look packed with personality.

As you can see, white furniture can be a great way to get a versatile and bright look in your home this year. Check out both the Shaker range and the Arlette range in store and on our website.