While daylight hours are still sparse and we’re sleeping in layers upon layers of cosy blankets, it may be difficult to remember that spring is just around the corner. It’s a season of new beginnings and styling seasonally can help your home change and evolve even if it feels like the world around you isn’t. The eternal brightness and feeling of freshness is what makes spring so wonderful; here are our tips for echoing the world in bloom within the comfort of your own home.

Spring cleaning

Canterbury hallway unit

Before you start shifting your home away from the rich warmth of winter and the festive season, ask yourself: are all surfaces dusted? Have you polished all your oak furniture for a fresh new shine? Is your fabric or leather upholstery in need of some tender loving care? Beginning with an aptly-named spring clean will provide a perfect canvas for you to start anew.

Update your decor

You may not have the budget or desire to uphaul your existing home interiors, nor do you need to in order to bring spring indoors. Opt for a single or couple of pieces you’ve had your eye on for some time. Consider light wood tones, such as natural oak ranges or painted oak collections, in your redesign. Either combine these yourselves, by incorporating key pieces from, say, the Shay and Wiltshire ranges to draw parallels and contrasts across the room, or go for statement furniture from collections like Hove. These ranges marry delicate painted finishes with beautiful natural oak details such as tops and handles for a rounded, diverse look.

Create a new colour palette

Moodboard inspired by the Copenhagen range

Whether you decide to stick with what you’ve got or treat yourself to something new, use your wood choices to formulate your colour palette. From here, you can bounce off the existing shades of wood and use them as a basis for selecting the fabrics, textures and prints that will coalesce to complete the rest of your room. With ranges like the Scandi-inspired Copenhagen range, you can use its light, sunny finish and rounded edges to complement with calming greys and blues, as well as earthy accents inspired by the natural world. Something like this will give your room a modern feel while keeping to the fresness of the season: see an example above for spring decor ideas.

Accessorise your home

You may be wondering how you can spruce up your house for spring. Think about all those lovely surfaces you’ve just cleaned, they’re now platforms for endless decor opportunities. Your console tables and sideboards will be given a new lease of life. An obvious decor choice would be a vintage vase where you can display blooming flowers that match or, perhaps, starkly contrast, the rest of the room. As spring is all about the blossoming of nature, plant plots also do their part in bringing the outdoors in.

Canterbury large dresser

Flashes of cheery yellows and pretty pinks can be incorporated into accent pillows and soft throws to help prepare your abode for the warmer months. You can go even further with statement accenting and consider a contemporary take on wallpaper.

Alternatively, an accent chair can achieve a similar effect and be a truly stand-out piece in whatever room you’re looking to transform. Many of our chairs, such as the Brighton accent chair, are covered in attention-grabbing prints that will add a spring-like texture to a reading nook or living room scene.

As many of us are currently working from home for the foreseeable future, you may be looking to spring to help inspire your home office. Install open shelves over your desk and give prized trinkets, lush greenery and framed photos of sunny memories pride of place. In areas that catch the light, colourful glassware would look beautiful as their shapes and jewel-like hues refract onto the wall and create a spectral effect.