How to combine traditional and contemporary elements on your Christmas dining table

Christmas Dining Table Swoon Worthy 1

It’s nearly Christmas and whilst this year has been one unlike any other, if there’s any time you can really pull out the stops and bring cheer into your home, it’s now. If you haven’t yet planned your Christmas dinner table but you’re looking for unique ideas to give it the wow factor, you might want to consider giving a more traditional table a contemporary twist.

After all, the festive season for most of us involves enjoying traditional elements whilst creating new memories. You might be adding a few new baubles to your tree, hanging them next to ones you’ve had for years. Perhaps your Grandmother’s favourite fruit cake will be served as it is every year, but you’re eager for everyone to try the new Christmas cocktail you’ve mastered.

Mixing Old and New on Your Christmas Table

With a constant mix of old and new, your dinner table can easily reflect this, bringing together the rich tradition of years gone by, whilst looking ahead to a brand-new year on the horizon. Here are our top tips to creating a table that seamlessly mixes traditional and contemporary elements for a surprising new look.

Update Your Colour Scheme

Christmas Dining Table in Pink and Green

Whilst the perennial favourite of red, green, and gold is always a hit this time of year, it may seem that there’s no reason to fix what isn’t broken. Whilst we love this traditional palette, consider choosing the trending shades of each colour for a slight update on this look.

On my table, I chose a warm fern green but mixed in both burgundy and blush pink for a nod to tradition but a thoroughly modern look. You may want to look to more saturated bright hues of lime green and cherry red or soften the scheme with sage and pale pink. Play with colour saturations to give it a whole new look whilst still giving a nod to more traditional Christmas schemes.

Mix and Match Dinner Plates

Christmas Dining Table Mix and Match Plates

On my own table, I chose a mix and match approach with my dinner plates, using three different styles in the same colour scheme which all have a vintage vibe.

You might want to look out for vintage style plates and cups on marketplace or auction websites, hit up your local charity shops, or even borrow sets from within your family. There is no rule that says you must have a dinner party set that all matches, so save money and add a fun twist by combining sets you already have.

Reimagine Your Centrepiece

Christmas table centrepiece in mixed florals

On my table, I chose a very contemporary globe style vase with a mix of flowers for the centre of the table. With more traditional flowers like roses, tree ferns and fresh eucalyptus, I’ve mixed in more modern shapes like Protea, waxflower and heather.

Don’t be afraid to marry more traditional greenery like holly, pine and eucalyptus with other flowers and stems that you don’t always see this time of year for something a little unexpected.

Mix old and new glassware

Christmas Dinner Table with Vintage Glasses

Much like the mix and match dinner plates, vintage sherry glasses were chosen for my table alongside modern blown glass martini glasses just for a bit of fun. Both share the glint of clear glass and a bit of gold to tie the look together seamlessly.

You can pick up vintage glasses in so many places including charity shops or online for very little money so why not mix it up on your table bringing in both old and new and get the conversation and the bubbly flowing?

The Finishing Touches

Christmas Dinner Table festive napkins

And finally, bridging the gap between old and new, consider other areas where you can mix more traditional elements with a touch of modernity.

For my scheme, the napkins are a simple linen with embroidery and tassel accents but are folded in a traditional way using a simple modern napkin ring. The look is finished off with a stem of traditional holly.

Christmas Table Finishing Touches

I used vintage style gold cutlery in a bamboo style, picked up for a song years ago in an online auction but of course, any style of cutlery old or new could work well, even mixing and matching different styles on the same table.

The only limit for your Christmas table is your imagination so why not embrace the fun and festivities of the season with your own take on modern meets traditional?

All images copyright Kimberly Duran – Swoon Worthy Ltd and used with kind permission.