While we’d all love to have a bedroom that’s a sanctuary, it’s one room that is often neglected when it comes to creating a beautiful space to unwind. With so much emphasis on the rooms we share with others – from our living rooms to kitchens – the bedroom is often pushed down the priority list in favour of rooms others will see, with less of our budget allocated to the space.

That doesn’t mean that if you are working with a smaller budget, you can’t achieve some beautiful results. Creating a cosy haven doesn’t need to mean spending large amounts of money – just a few fun ideas, creativity and a willingness to spend some time giving your room the attention it deserves.

So, if you are looking to add a bit of style to your bedroom but you don’t have a big budget, look no further than this list of 11 affordable ideas to create a bedroom you’ll love.

Paint the Walls

St Ives bedroom range, rug and terracotta walls

One of the least expensive and easiest changes we can make is a fresh colour on the walls. Most of us can wield a roller and a paint brush and within a weekend, it’ll create a big impact without having to spend a lot of money.

For the best results, make sure you prep the walls before you start – fill any small holes with filler and wipe down any dust or dirt before you make a start. Taping off areas you don’t want to get paint on will give you more professional results too.

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Wallpaper panels

If you’d love to add pattern and colour to your walls but don’t have the budget to wallpaper the entire room, consider creating simple panels instead. Create frames with simple wood trim to cut costs and paper just inside the panels.

Add Wall Panels

Panelled walls, brooklyn furniture range

Speaking of walls, another idea is to add trim to walls in a pattern and paint in a striking colour. A little more intense of a job but if you are handy with a mitre saw, the job isn’t difficult to create. Simply cut the pieces to size and use a small nail gun and adhesive to attach to the wall in a pattern. Use a spirit level to ensure everything is straight and fill any gaps with decorator’s caulk too. Consider a block pattern for a more contemporary look or add decorative moulding in period properties.

Make Your Own Art

Classic Double Wardrobe & abstract painting

While large pieces of art may be costly, buying a large canvas from a craft store and having fun with leftover sample paint pots is not. Unleash your inner artist by creating a large abstract in colours that are complementary to your design or paint simple shapes for a contemporary touch to your room.

Here are more quick and easy ways to add wall art!

Add Texture

St Ives Furniture range, wooden wall art, lamp

When it comes to styling your bedroom, you’ll likely want to add items that create cosiness and warmth. Texture will help you to achieve that, so consider adding things like woven baskets to stash extra throws, a few decorative cushions on the bed or a large rug to keep your feet from cold floors first thing in the morning.

You might also want to consider hanging shallow baskets or woven wall hangings in place of framed art which adds texture, creativity and interest to walls.

Get Creative with Mirrors

Orrick Bed, Mirrors, fireplace

If your room is on the smaller side, consider using mirrors to add the illusion of depth to your space. Mirrors will also bounce light around a darker room (hang one opposite a window for the best effect) whilst naturally, also being handy when getting ready in the morning.

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Bring the Outdoors In

Bevel Furniture, flowers and window light

Nature has a way of calming us and connecting us to the outdoors, but you don’t need to hit the florists on a weekly basis to get the look. Take a nature walk or scour your own garden for interesting and unusual branches, flowers or grasses that can be placed in vessels in your room.

Layer Colour with Accessories

Wooden furniture, blue toned accessories

If your bedroom is decked out in calming neutrals and you want to add a touch of colour, consider layering tonal accessories throughout the space. Choosing different saturations and hues within the same colour family will create a cohesive design that will add both interest and style.

Style Your Surfaces

country cottage furniture, lamp and flowers

While bedside tables and chests of drawers often become dumping grounds for everything from yesterday’s post, to clean laundry waiting to be folded, resist the urge to clutter up surfaces. Instead, decorate with accessories, photo frames, books and a small posy of flowers. Less clutter and more style will make for a more restful nights’ sleep when you are nodding off, rather than thinking about the chores you have yet to do.

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Consider Roman Blinds

Cairo Furniture, neutral tones

If your budget won’t stretch to full-length curtains, consider softening windows with Roman blinds instead. They take less fabric so will be less expensive but will still add softness, colour and texture as well as privacy to your bedroom.

Layer Throws for a Luxe Look

Edinburgh Furniture Range, taupe tones

And finally, even the plainest of bed linens can be lifted by some considered layering. Choose two inexpensive throws in complimentary colours and layer each on the bed along with two or three cushions for a hotel-chic look you’ll love.