There’s no doubt that home working has become the norm for many of us over recent years. We’ve had to transform our homes from places of relaxation and recuperation to spaces of focus and organisation, often without considering what we really need to thrive in our professional and personal lives alike. Here’s our optimal design checklist of home office ideas so that you can take care of both.

1. Prioritise comfort

Hove deskHove small sideboard | @mrs_roobottom_home

Start with the most important items for any office, anywhere – the desk and chair. Whether you’re working from home full-time or spending just a few hours away from the office a week, it’s vital that your home office furniture keeps you comfortable and cosy. Unsuitable seating can lead to awkward posture, slouching or perhaps the worst of all, procrastination, which has long-term effects on your work as well as short-term discomfort.

How do I make my home office cosy?

Look for a chair which is fully adjustable when it comes to incline, armrests and height. Make sure it fits neatly under your desk, which should be wide enough for everything you need to work properly, whether that’s a laptop and notes, files and textbooks, or artistic tools like canvas, paint, and charcoal. Then add personal touches with home office decor such as potted plants or framed photos to make it feel like home.

2. Increase focus and productivity

Grove desk | Grove bookcase

Make your WFH set-up work for you by creating somewhere you can focus and be productive. The best way to make a productive workspace is to choose a designated room or if you don’t have a dedicated home office then transform rooms into multipurpose spaces.

How to create a productive workspace

Ensure your chosen space is free from noise and distractions at the times you’ll need to use it. It will be difficult to maintain focus in your living room at the same time as someone else watching TV, for example, so it’s worth choosing somewhere that feels private, personal, and works well if you have kids that need a space to do homework. You want to be able to easily separate work life from home life, as this will help you to zone in on your work and feel professional and productive without being interrupted by thoughts of dirty laundry or what to make for dinner.

Home office layout ideas

You should also consider your home office design layout. Is everything you need within your reach? Positioning yourself in a convenient spot will ensure you’re well equipped to get lost in your work without interrupting your train of thought or creative flow. If you need inspiration on how best to layout your office, take a look at this tranquil transformation or take a look at our ideas for a small space.

3. Boost creativity

Islington Desk

Creativity is the root of all innovation, which makes it an essential part of every job under the sun. Make your designated space more creative by investing in home office decor to nurture the perfect working environment.

How can I make my home office more creative?

Embracing colour is a great way to stimulate your mind without compromising focus or organisation. Different colours are known to correspond to different states of mind, and can have a huge effect on your working mindset. Yellow, for example, is great for conjuring positivity and creativity, whereas blues and greens help you lean into a place of calm and focus. Red is the best for overall stimulation and energy, but too much might overwhelm your space and become too distracting. Lots to consider when it comes to home office decorating ideas but the key is picking colours that suit your working style and make you feel comfortable.

Creative home office ideas for small spaces

It’s all about creating an environment that welcomes the good and pushes away anything that might interfere with your workflow. If you’re working with a smaller space, start with small soft furnishings like cushions or pencil pots and build up to mounted prints and colourful feature walls. Add little bits at a time so as not to overwhelm the room and remember, you can always add more!

4. Stay organised and save space

Parquet desk | @elliesdecorandmore

The problem with home working for many of us is the lack of space, which is often made worse by the increase in working clutter like books, papers and stationery. The bad news is that a cluttered workspace is the worst enemy of productivity. The good news, however, is that there’s a very easy fix.

How to create an organised home office

To make your go-to space as organised as possible, you’ll need to invest in smart home office storage solutions. This can be anything from shelving to storage boxes, depending on the room you’ve chosen. If you’re tight on floor space, try a desk with built-in cupboards and drawers, or pick out a bookcase that fits nicely in an alcove or backs perfectly into a corner.

How to make a home office with no space

The most important thing when creating a home office in a small space is that everything has a dedicated place. Not only is this great for keeping your desk looking tidy and your things organised, but it helps you to switch off as soon as the clock hits 5pm, which is a vital part of maintaining a work/life balance while working from home.

5. Encourage mindfulness

Boston desk | Scroll back dining chair

Take care of your mind at the same time as your work with a room that helps you feel connected to yourself, your work and the world around you. Prioritise natural light by ensuring your workspace is near a window. This will help you feel alert and awake, keep your overall mood elevated and positive, as well as being easy on your eyes

You can also conjure a motivated mindset by positioning your desk so that it faces the door of your room. Though this seems like an insignificant detail, doing so can help you feel more in control of your space and of your work, too.

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