How to Create a Chaos-Free Multifunctional Room

While we’d all love to live in a space where every room has a single function, the reality is that this is not always practical. Each child having their own room, guests able to bed down in a dedicated space, a home office to call our own. In theory, it sounds perfect but before you know it, you’re looking at a home with 3 reception rooms and 5 bedrooms which, let’s be honest, will cost you a small fortune.

So what do you do when you need the spaces you have to work extra hard for you? You create multi-functional rooms. Space where you can squeeze in that home office or guest bedroom or storage area within the rooms you do have.

Today’s post will give you some suggestions on maximising the space you have without it turning into complete chaos.

Squeezing in a Home Office

This is probably the most popular idea for creating that multi-functional space. If you work from home, a dedicated home office would be ideal but it’s simply not always practical. However, you can squeeze a home office into plenty of areas of the home. Here are a few ideas.

Dining Room + Home Office

bevel dining room

Source: Oak Furniture Land Bevel Range

The dining room table can act as a part-time desk as long as you get organised. A sideboard or dresser can house things like your laptop or any paperwork you need to keep. Make sure you have dining room chairs that provide good lumbar support and ensure your lighting is up to the task.

Living Room + Home Office

home office in living room

Source: Home Adore / Rebecca Hayes Interiors

If you have a small alcove or a bit of space in a corner of the room, consider squeezing in a small desk and chair into the dead space. Style the area using furniture and accessories that work with your living room for the two areas to blend well and be sure that your desk is facing away from the TV to reduce the temptation to switch it on when you are working!

Kitchen + Home Office

multi-functional kitchen by caitlin wilson

Source: House Beautiful / Designer Caitlin Wilson / Photo by Annie Schlechter

Can you create a workstation within your kitchen? As the kitchen is the hub of the home, a small area cleverly planned can be considered your command centre. Get creative with storage and include a drawer or cabinet to contain any home office paraphernalia and ensure you’ve got enough plug sockets for electronic devices nearby.

Guest Bedroom + Home Office

home office in guest bedroom

Source: Lonny / Emily Beare

Probably one of the most popular combinations, a guest bedroom could double as an office when guests aren’t present. Make the most of the space with smart storage solutions and resist the urge to fill every available space with office clutter. Leave space in the wardrobe for guests to hang their clothes or the top drawer in the chest of drawers free. With good space planning, your office should easily tidy away when guests come to visit.

Guest Bedroom + Living Room

sofa bed in multi-functional living room

Source: Oak Furniture Land

If you don’t have a dedicated guest bedroom, then chances are you’ll be looking at your living room to take up the slack. Choose a sofa bed that can easily be converted to accommodate guests and leave a little space on the side tables to allow your guests to use as a makeshift bedside table. Invest in blackout roller blinds so that your guests aren’t woken with blazing sunshine coming through early in the morning.


Two kids sharing one bedroom

shared kids bedroom

Source: Rue Magazine / Interior Design by Jillian Scott / Photo by Belathee

There are plenty of ways to have a bedroom for more than one child. Bunk beds make the best use of space in a smaller room but smaller single beds can also be used with each respective side expressing the children’s personalities. If you aren’t able to visually divide the room, consider things like separate bookshelves or storage areas that each child can call their own.


Kids room + Guest Bedroom

kids bedroom used as guest bedroom

Source: Lonny / Lindsey Boyd / Attic Fire Photography

If guests are occasionally using your children’s room to bed down for the night, you may want to try to keep the children’s room as chaos-free as possible. While most people won’t mind sleeping under a Superman duvet, you may want to invest in some neutral linens to make the bed up when guests arrive and ensure there is plenty of storage space to keep clutter at bay.


Living room + Playroom

living room and playroom combination

Source: Cup of Jo / Photo by Lauren Bamford / Design by Courtney Kirby

And finally, your storage solutions will play a big role in how well you can keep the kids’ toys in check when they are sharing a living room with you. Baskets housed in bookshelves and multifunctional storage solutions like coffee tables with clever storage will keep the mess at bay when it’s time to clean up for the night.


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