Every home needs hardworking pieces that provide handy storage for everything from crockery to clothes. Our furniture is both practical and stylish so you can count on it to help you organise every room of your home.

From sideboards and larders to ottoman beds and footstools with hidden storage, we’ve got all you need for a beautifully streamlined space. Read on to discover our different storage options and ideas for styling them, whatever your taste and design preferences.

Go stylish with sideboard storage

Olive green living room featuring the Parquet sideboard with a blue velvet sofa and patterned accent seat.

Parquet sideboard | @the_phillips_family_home

Undoubtedly, sideboards have earned the top spot as the most versatile storage piece, for any home. They offer fantastic space-saving functionality for living rooms, dining rooms, or even hallways, as a great first impression of your home.

They are a handy storage facility while also providing ample space on top where you can display your most treasured trinkets and decorative objects. Why not brighten up an otherwise unused space with a beautiful new sideboard?

Oak Furnitureland Highgate dark blue painted furniture with a rustic oak top, in a relaxed bedroom scheme.

Highgate sideboard | Highgate bedside table | @rachelslovelyhome

Sideboards are also a great options for bedrooms, offering ample storage for clothes, accessories and toiletries and make-up. Match with pieces from the same range for a beautifully coordinated and peaceful sleep sanctuary.

Compact your clutter with a console table

French Farmhouse console table in a light and airy hallway with plants and accessories.

French Farmhouse console table

Often known as a ‘hallway table’ console tables have traditionally found their home in entranceways. Yet their usage extends far past that of greeting guests as they walk through the door. While they can be the perfect, stylish solution to storing keys and placing envelopes, they can also be used to lift your dining or living room style.

Don’t quite have enough space for a large sideboard in your dining room, but could still do with some handy drawers and a space to showcase your favourite mirror or wall art? A console table provides the perfect compact storage solution for your belongings and a great stylish accent for your home.

Tidy up with a tallboy

Oak Furnitureland coastal-inspired bedroom with white painted farmhouse-style Brompton furniture.

Brompton wardrobe | Brompton tallboy | @a_house_and_its_chows

It can be difficult to find the right storage especially when space is a premium. This is where pieces such as tallboys come in. Their slender silhouette and deep drawers save precious floor space while giving you heaps of storage.

Pop it in a small corner of a bedroom, or tuck it away on a landing or in a dining room to store anything from socks and linen or even cutlery and napkins.

Arrange your belongings in a blanket box

Half panelled neutral wall in a bedroom with a Parquet blanket box.

Parquet blanket box | @paula_upcycled

A blanket box used to be a staple for any bedroom, sitting at the foot of the bed as a beautiful home for linens, blankets and your out-of-season wardrobe. Yet, this is not their only function. Use them as a toy box in a child’s room or playroom, a coffee table in your living room, storage for boots in your utility room, or even a bench in your hallway.

Opt for a storage footstool

Oak Furnitureland light green sofa and matching storage footstool in a light-filled garden room.

Dalby sofa | Dalby storage footstool | @mo_morshuis

From toy tidy to cushion collector, turn your footstool into a practical addition to your living room by choosing one with in-built storage. Go for a coordinating piece from the same range as your sofa for a cohesive set-up, with the option to use your footstool as a perch for tired legs or an additional coffee table.

Streamline your bedroom

Oak Furnitureland Eden divan bed with drawer storage that's open to reveal clothes and shoes.

Eden bed

Choose one of our storage beds to maximise this often-under-utilised space in your bedroom. Our divans have the option of two or four drawers depending on your organisational needs, while our ottomans offer easy-to-access storage via a simple gas-lift mechanism.

You should now be ready to revolutionise your storage! The hardwood and painted pieces within our Oak Furnitureland ranges breathe style, versatility and functionality so that you have both the look and the storage you need.

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