Decluttering is a great way to revolutionise the look of your home, but it’s also proven to be extremely beneficial to our well-being. A de-cluttered home can reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, and enhance productivity. But finding the right places to store your belongings and reduce the clutter can be a real challenge. We’ve put together some great ideas of how you can minimise the mess, and give your home more space.

Go stylish with sideboard storage

Without a doubt, the sideboard has earned its top place as the most versatile storage piece, for any home. It offers fantastic space-saving functionality for living rooms and dining rooms, or even hallways, as a great first impression to your home.

Original Rustic Large SideboardOriginal Rustic Large Sideboard

Not only are they an incredibly useful storage facility, they provide a gorgeous statement piece where you can display your most treasured trinkets. Why not brighten up an otherwise unused space with a beautiful new sideboard?

This sideboard from our Original Rustic range is a great piece to blend in to your home, whatever your existing decor. It’s rich character and effortless blend of modern and traditional makes it the perfect companion for any room.

Compact your clutter with a console table

Often known as a ‘hallway table’ console tables have traditionally found their home in entrance ways. Yet their usage extends far past that of greeting guests as they walk through the door. While they can be the perfect, stylish solution to storing keys and placing envelopes, they can also be used to lift your dining or living room style.

Brooklyn console table

Brooklyn Console Table

Don’t quite have enough space for a large sideboard in your dining room, but could still do with some handy drawers and a space to showcase your favourite mirror or painting? A console table provides the perfect compact storage solution for your belongings, and a great stylish accent for your home.

Why not bring a New York loft, industrial feel to your home with the Brooklyn Console Table?

Get classy with a drinks cabinet

Adding a drinks cabinet to your living or dining room is a sure way to bring luxury and style to your home. Give your beautiful glasses and decanters the presentation that they deserve in a gorgeous drinks cabinet.

Parquet drinks cabinet

Parquet Storage and Drinks Cabinet

Alternatively, you could use this as a feature storage piece in a bedroom. The versatility of a storage drinks cabinet, with its removable glass holders and adjustable shelves means that you can double up this interesting item as a storage cabinet for shoes, clothes, or other accessories.

The Parquet Storage and Drinks Cabinet’s mid-century style is the perfect home for your favourite cocktail instruments and glasses, or equally an accent feature in a bedroom to store linen.

Tidy up your home with a tallboy

Realistically it can be difficult to find the right storage feature for your home, with factors such as wall space a real hindrance. This is where pieces such as tallboys come in. Their slender styling and deep drawers working upwards save previous floor space, whilst giving you heaps of storage space.

Hove tallboy

Hove Tallboy

Pop it in a small corner of a bedroom, or tuck it away on a landing or in a dining room to store anything from socks, linen or even cutlery and napkins.

The simple yet elegant style of the Hove Tallboy is the perfect storage solution for any situation, bringing a retro modern style in a beautiful neutral colourway, so that you can enjoy it for years to come.

Arrange your beloved belongings in a blanket box

A blanket box used to be a staple for any bedroom, sat at the foot of the bed as a beautiful home for linens, blankets and your out of season wardrobe. Neatly tucked away, these gorgeous features are a beautiful bedroom storage addition.

Roman blanket box

Roman Blanket Box

Yet, this is not their only function. Use them as a toy box in a child’s room or playroom, a coffee table in your living room, storage for boots in your utility room, or even a bench in your hallway.

The warm toned shade and elegant Tuscan pillars at either end of the piece makes the Roman Blanket Box a stunning addition to a bedroom or child’s nursery.

You should now be ready to revolutionise your storage solutions! The hardwood and painted pieces within our Oak Furnitureland ranges breathe style, versatility and functionality, so that you have both the look and the storage you need.

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