How to Create a Cottage Style Home

We all fell in love with Kate Winslet’s stunning country cottage in The Holiday. Quaint, perfectly formed with beams and thatched roof and a host of details that made it look like the perfect place to live out your English country dreams.

However, if you are yearning for the cottage style in your own home, you certainly don’t have to have a period property to enjoy it. Every home – even a new-build – can enjoy this easy-to-live-with, charming and forgiving country cottage look simply by incorporating all the classic elements of cottage style.

Classic Styles

Shay Dining Set

Shay Dining Set & Shay Small Dresser

One of the most charming aspects of country style is its collected nature. Mixing classic and traditional details is a must, grounding the space in timelessness. Look out for pieces – either new or old – with elements that hark back to centuries-old tradition.

Pale and Airy Colours

Shay Range Bedroom

Shay Double Bed, Shay Bedside Table, Shay Blanket Box, Shay Double Wardrobe & Shay Drawer Chest

Generally speaking, cottages tend to have lower ceilings and smaller windows. In order to keep things bright and cheerful, keep your palette light and airy, mixing creams and whites with soft pinks, duck egg blue, mint greens or buttercup yellow.

Comfortable Deep Sofas and Chairs

Rustic Living Room

Gainsborough Sofa, Original Rustic Lamp Table & Original Rustic Large Sideboard

There’s no room in cottage style for stiff or unforgiving furniture. Give in to comfort by choosing sofas and chairs with deep seats, plush arms and comfy backs to sink in and relax a while.

Painted Furniture

Kemble Dining Range

Kemble Dining Set, Kemble Large Dresser & Kemble Small Sideboard

One of the most common elements of cottage style is painted furniture. While the popular shabby chic look relies heavily on distressing, there’s a fine line between the shabby and the chic. So make sure you mix in some newer painted furniture alongside more distressed furniture to keep the look fresh and welcoming.

Floral Fabrics and Chevron Patterns

KEMBLE COFFEE TABLEKemble Side Table, Kemble Coffee Table & Kemble Tall Bookcase

For the perfect country cottage look, choose your fabrics wisely. Soft florals reminiscent of a country meadow work well with this look as do chevron patterns. Mix these with plain and textured fabrics in a mix of coordinating colours.

Flowers and Plants

Bevel 6 Drawer Chest

Bevel Drawer Chest

Of course, the country cottage look wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of fresh flowers and greenery. Avoid the long-stem-red-roses grandeur and look out for flowers that could have been plucked from your back garden. Loosely arrange them in vintage pitchers or vases for an unfussy but perfectly pretty embellishment for your space.

Vintage Accents

French Farmhouse Dining Set

And finally, be sure to bring some personality into your country cottage look with vintage lighting, accents and accessories. Hit up your local charity shops or car boot sales (or your older relatives’ loft space!) for inexpensive pieces that add life and history to your room.

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