In this digital, fast-paced age, bringing the colour of nature indoors often has a restorative effect on our wellbeing. Surrounding ourselves with a natural palette in our homes can create a calm and peaceful feeling. These colours ground us, comfort us and create a feeling of homely contentment.

Green earthy bedroom
Parquet Bedside Table  (@home_at_hawthorn)

Whether you want to completely redecorate or simply add a few russet, tan or leafy green accents, these earth-tone colours combine with virtually any interior style.

How do you decorate with earth tones?

An earth tone palette for your interiors is certainly a versatile choice, but it’s easy to get bogged down with muddy colours. The trick is to maintain visual interest by layering shades, utilising natural elements such as light, plants, oak furniture and, where appropriate, pops of colour.

Earth tones are a huge interior design trend right now. Head to our blog for our favourite 2021 trends.

Earthy wall colours

1. New neutrals

contemporary earth tone living room
Contemporary Wall Mirror (@athomewithdais)

While grey has had a stronghold on interiors for the last decade, beige and taupe shades are now becoming much more prevalent, creating a warmer and cosier look that works well with earthy colours. These are not always warm and can be minimalist with cool undertones. Here are some of our favourite neutrals:

  • Cooler beiges, like shades that incorporate subtle touches of grey
  • Clean whites balanced out by woodsy shades or deep oceanic hues
  • Ultra rich greens (think forest shades and emeralds) contrasted with charcoal
  • Mushroom shades and smoky hues

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2. Sunset shades

Bright Earth tone bedroom
Parquet king-size bed / Parquet two drawer bedside table (@dzinia_design)

If you’d love to add a few touches of bolder colour to your interiors, then look no further than a picture perfect sunset. You want your room to be warm and engaging without overwhelming the senses, so we recommend the following sun-soaked shades for a contemporary take on pastels:

  • Fruity peaches and tangerines for a friendly feel, dipping into pumpkin colours for a bit of depth
  • Pops of cream and blush prevent a washed-out look
  • Ochres and rusts are the ideal companion to rustic oak furniture
  • Lovely lilacs are perfect if you want just a hint of springtime tones

3. Bright and saturated earthy colours

Bright and saturated earthy colours
French Farmhouse two drawer bedside table (@jo_at_the_cottage)

If you’re looking to energise your home, bring in bold saturated colour that gives your room a lively confidence. Selecting shades with warm undertones mean they mix and match well together and shine when they’re stand-alone, such as against neutral walls or grey sofas. Here are the colours we’re drawn to:

  • Daring reds, particularly when paired with brown leather
  • Tans, terracottas and mustards – the classic earthy look
  • Burnt oranges contrasted with onyx or velvety blues
  • Industrial metals such as brass accenting or shots of gold

Knowing what colours to pair with your sofa can be tricky, so we’ve provided some expert advice to help guide your decision making.

4. Natural touches

Natural earthy decor
Alto nest of tables (@homeofroberts)

Leafy houseplants are known for their restorative and air-cleaning properties and marry with just about every interior style. Consider accessories that call to mind textures that can be utilised in any interior scheme, no matter your personal taste. These organic colours will make you fall in love with earth tone decor:

  • Stone, wood, sand or shell tones are the go-to
  • Colours that balance warm and homely while keeping light and bright, such as honey hues or crisp whites
  • Taupes, mossy greens and chocolate browns will enrich your interiors
  • Think cottagecore, but without the frills

Earth tone decor

There’s an earthy design scheme fit for every room of your home…

Earthy colours for the bedroom

Earth tone bedroom
Parquet two drawer bedside table (@homeofroberts)

Bedrooms are the primary relaxation spot in your home, so you need to be careful about overdoing it with your colour scheme. Balance a feature wall or half wall in a Tuscan-inspired statement yellow like flaxen or dijon, with plenty of off-whites and greys to help create that calming feel. Go deeper into this design scheme with richly glazed pieces from our popular Parquet range.

Earthy colours for the living room

Green earthy living room
Evie swivel chair (@mo_morshuis)

We would argue that earth tones are the most suitable in the living room, whatever your style. Because earthy colours are generally quite muted, you can let your personality shine through art, framed photos and detailed accenting. Here, Maureen’s individual flair doesn’t get lost among any loud colours; instead, the greens and greys complement and take a step back.

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Earthy colours for the dining room

Earthy decor dining room

St Ives Large Dresser /Canterbury Dining Table with six chairs

We love when a dining room spells drama and you can do exactly that with clever paint tricks. Deep orange shades hug the walls of this particular scene and our eyes are drawn to the nod to the outdoors, with plants and natural materials such as wicker. We then see how the wall is painted fresh white beneath the dado rail, which provides the contrast needed when playing with darker shades.

Earthy colours for the home office

industrial furniture home office
Brooklyn desk (@topologyinteriors)

When you think of earth tones, you might not always think of industrial furniture, but it’s all about the colours you draw from. Our Brooklyn range features plain natural oak fronts with a textural grain pattern. Paired with the silvery metal, you have a neutral palette at your base which you can incorporate stone-hued matte accents and those all-important luscious houseplants for an earth-toned home office.

You should now be armed with the know-how to transform your home into an earthy coloured haven! We’d love to see what you come up with – make sure to tag us on Instagram using #OakFurnitureland.