Decorating with Earthy Colours

There are few who could argue about the benefits of spending time in nature. The digital age has a tendency to be quick-moving and at times overwhelming and taking a break from the demands of our busy lives to get back to the simplicity of the outdoors is always restorative.

A chunky, minimalist bedside table made with exotic grain mango wood

Mantis Light bedside table

Bringing the colour of nature indoors often has a similar restorative effect on our well-being. Surrounding ourselves with a natural palette in our homes can create a calm and peaceful feeling and these colours ground us, comfort us and create a feeling of homely contentment.

Whether you want to completely redecorate or simply add a few russet, tan or leafy green accents, these earth-tone colours combine with virtually any interior style.

The New Neutrals

A neutral, gray-scale home office with a mix of natural oak, rustic oak and mango wood furniture

Original Rustic tallboy / Mantis Light computer desk / Square Stool

While grey has had a stronghold on interiors for the last decade, beige and taupe shades are now becoming much more prevalent, creating a warmer and cosier look that works well with earthy colours. However, you can work your existing grey tones into your décor by choosing colours that sit somewhere between grey and beige.

Stylish, refined dining room with a mango wood table and rustic dining chairs and stools

Mantis Light dining table / Cross Back dining chair / Rhodes bar stool

Sometimes referred to as “greige” (a cross between grey and beige, of course) and sometimes referred to as mushroom shades, these fall somewhere in between, creating a lovely mix whilst still bringing in that natural warmth.

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Sunset Shades

Bevel king-size bed / Hercules side table

There’s no doubt that neutral shades are easy to live with but if you’d love to add a few touches of bolder colour to your interiors, then look no further than what Mother Nature shares with us in an autumn sunset.

A wide shot of a bedroom with a distinctive and warm feature wall with sunset colours

Shades of peach, blush, ochre, rust and lilac are all perfect colours for your decorating, creating a sunset effect that both warms and engages without overwhelming your senses.

Combine similar saturations of these shades together for a contemporary take on pastels and bring the colours of Autumn indoors.

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Bright and Saturated Earthy Colours

A natural oak bookcase in a 70s-inspired living room

Bevel small bookcase / Hercules large TV cabinet / Novara lamp

If you’re looking to energise your home, bring in bold saturated colour that picks up on the colour of the leaves this year. A shot of russet, cranberry red, juicy orange or mustard yellow gives your room a lively confidence.

A neutral, monochrome living space with pops of ruby red for a globally-inspired feel

Cube sofa / Cube armchair / Mantis Light nest of tables / Mantis Light display unit / Tosca wall clock

These sunset shades tend to have warmer undertones so they mix and match well together, creating a layered look or you can simply create a pop of colour with stand-alone items against neutral walls and wood furniture.

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The Natural Touch

A woodland theme in your hallway can give it a rough-hewn allure

Wiltshire console table

Of course, there are other ways to bring the colours of our world indoors. Leafy houseplants are known for their restorative and air-cleaning properties and marry with just about every interior style.

Consider accessories that call to mind organic textures of stone, wood or shell.  Natural textures like wood grains will also add a touch of nature to your indoors and can be utilised in any interior scheme, no matter what your style.

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