How To: Get The Classic Country Look

It’s a look that never wanes, and continues to be popular for many people. The classic country look is warm, homely and inviting and suits the style and decor of so many homes. If you like your home to feel more traditional in its design then this look is definitely one to embrace. With muted shades and soft patterns, solid furniture and plenty of personality it doesn’t date either, and can easily be updated year on year.

How to create the classic country look:

There are several key ingredients that come together to create the classic country look and I’m going to show you how you can use them in your own home.

Neutral Colour Scheme:


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Soft muted colours are perfect for this look, and so easy to use. Add colours to your walls and floors that inject a warmth to the home, try creams and soft taupes, mixed with yellow-based greys. Be careful of colours that have blue in their base, they won’t give the desired warmth for this kind of scheme, so stick with the creamier shades. Paint companies are great at putting the right kinds of colours together to help you build your designs so use their advice, it will definitely keep you on the right track.

Solid Furniture:


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Whilst it’s easy to opt for cheaper flat pack furniture, this country look requires pieces with more longevity. Solid wood furniture is best and will give your home an air of quality, not to mention a more refined scheme. In terms of colour and type, oak works really well with its richer hue.


Roman dresser

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Adding accessories really brings this look to life and allows you showcase your treasured possessions and a little of your personality. Dressers in dining rooms or kitchens a great spot for crockery, glasses and more. Glass pieces with a country feel help to tie the look together and won’t clash with other colours.

Kemble bedroom

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Traditional oversized lamps are an essential for this look, and of course offer practical solutions too. Always add some fresh flowers in pitchers or glass vases, and use soft fabrics on the bed and sofa to give your home that cosy country feel.


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There are lots you can do if you want to update your home each year and give it a slightly less traditional feel. You definitely don’t have to move away from the country look, but it’s easy to update it from time to time. Take the dining room for example. Some new modern lighting above the table and an injection of a fresh, new colour will make all the difference. In the image above, for example, we’ve used lights in the newly announced colour of the year, Denim Drift! You can’t get more contemporary than that, but we’ve still managed to retain the country cottage look. It’s simple to create a more modern country dining room with just a few touches so give it a go, start small and build up to something more adventurous if you want it.

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