We all know the importance of a good night’s sleep, but did you know the design of your bedroom can contribute to your ability to sleep well? Certain colours evoke feeling, and some of these feelings include calm and comfort. When you’re in a relaxed state, you’re more likely to fall asleep quickly, so there’s no reason not to design a room that’s optimised for restfulness – and this includes the colours on your wall!

We spoke to designer paint brand Lick and their Lead Colour Specialist and Colour Psychologist, Tash Bradley, to find some top tips for finding the best (and avoiding the worst) colours for sleep.

Lick says, ‘Creating a relaxing environment is essential to having a good night’s sleep, which is the crux of good sleep hygiene. One of the easiest ways you can do this is through the colour of your walls.’ So we ask, what are the most soothing colours for the bedroom? And what colour bedroom would help promote a perfect night’s sleep?

‘When choosing colours for your soothing bedroom, try to steer away from anything overly stimulating or jarring’, Tash advises. This means circumventing anxiety-inducing colours like red and staying clear of neon overloads. Lick suggests designing colour palettes that are muted, light and soft, the kind of shades that remind the brain of calming natural scenes (like the ocean or sky, for example). This means opting for refreshing blues, natural greens and also comforting pinks.

Graceful greens

Lick Green 01

Green 09

Lick green 01 bedroom chair

Green 01

Lick’s Green 01 and Green 09 will help bring a sense of calm with their warm yellow base and slight touch of grey. Due to their shade similarity, these colours will be enhanced when paired with leafy houseplants in terracotta pots. Bringing the natural world inside will help enliven your senses, even in the most urban of settings.

You can place your plants on industrial-style shelves and surfaces if you want to modernise this look, or go for contemporary chic by matching the soft green wall with our deep grey Grove range.

dark grey painted oak furniture bedroom

Grove bedside tableGrove double bed 

Beautiful blues

Blue 01

Blue 02

Bevel Bedrrom

Bevel bedside tableBevel double bed

‘Blue also affects us mentally. Light blues like our Blue 01 and Blue 02 can help reduce mental stress and inject a sense of calm into your bedroom. The colour blue recedes, which makes it a great choice for smaller bedrooms as it will create an illusion of space and airiness’, says Lick.

Dark Blue 07

Blue 07

Boston Industrial style Bedroom
Boston bedside tableBoston double bed

‘We do recommend darker, deeper colours if you want to achieve that cocooning effect. Darker colours like our inky Blue 07 can help to create a sense of cosiness and depth in a bedroom, which is ideal for people who want a place to snuggle up in’, says Lick.

We recommend pairing blues with natural oak furniture due to the at-the-seaside effect these colours produce. You can layer blue-upon-blue while balancing out the effect with the bright natural finish that darts light around the room. What’s more calming than the smooth curves of our Romsey range, or the everyday versatility of the Bevel or Alto collections?

Perfect pinks

Pink paint wall swatch

Pink 02

Spot Bedroom

Spot blanket BoxSpot double bed

Light pinks also have a nurturing effect and will feel like a warm hug as soon as you walk into the room. As Tash Bradley says, ‘pink is the colour of cuddles’. Pinks are ideal for a feature wall, embraced by whites and creams. If you want to add a bit of warmth to this look, then rustic oak furniture is your best bet. The honey-hued surfaces will add depth and interest to your space – we love how the friendly shapes of Orrick and the grandeur of French Farmhouse achieves this in different ways.

Explore the full spectrum of Lick’s gorgeous paint colours over on their website and don’t forget to shop all our bedroom furniture.