8 Ways to Make a Statement with Your Storage

Storage. Doesn’t sound too exciting, does it? Perhaps you are one of many who absolutely YAWN when they think about organisation… or maybe you’re a little like me who gets rather excited by “a place for everything and everything in its place”. I know, it’s probably a little odd to those who don’t share my obsession. I mean, I actually took pictures of the cupboard under my sink the other day because I’d cleaned and organised everything and was so proud, I had to share it with other friends who are just as obsessed as myself. But, I do know that storage can be utterly boring and not entirely interesting, especially when you just think about it in practical terms – somewhere to put stuff. Because that’s really all it is, right? Well, today I’m going to show you that storage certainly doesn’t have to be boring and in fact, it can actually be rather statement-making if you tackle it in the right way.

How can you make your storage both practical and beautiful? Here are 8 ways you can do just that…

Small space? Go to the ceiling!


Consider transforming an empty corner in a smaller room into a mini library with built in shelves that go all the way to the ceiling. It’s certainly attention grabbing and looks fantastic with a few comfy chairs as an invitation to recline and get stuck into a great book. If your ceilings are very high, install a rolling ladder for a real touch of luxury.

Do double duty


An old (or new!) chest can function beautifully as both practical storage solution as well as coffee table. Consider as well our blanket boxes which can store a whole range of off-season cushions or throws while looking great too.

Work with your architecture


While here’s another example of floor to ceiling shelves, I adore how they actually work with the architecture of the house and mimic the shape of the ceiling, utilising every spare bit of space around a large window. You don’t need to have vaulted ceilings for this to work – consider dead space in areas like fireplace alcoves or above your kitchen cupboards and consider where utilising these spaces create not only more storage but also additional interest and impact in the design.

Show off Your Prettiest Plates


I love open kitchen storage because not only is it practical, it offers you the opportunity to display both your prettiest as well as your most practical items in a stylish way. In my own kitchen (seen above), everything becomes an item to be proud of – from mugs to plates to dry goods and utensils when shown en mass and the items I use the most are all within easy reach.

Divide and Conquer


An open shelving unit will go a long way in terms of visually cordoning off a space – whether that’s in a studio flat to delineate the sleeping area from the living area or in a larger open plan. Being able to see through the shelves is an added bonus – not only does it look great from either side but it also allows your eye to continue to the next space, making it visually larger than if the bookcase was solid. Add wheels for even more practicality so they can be moved wherever you like.

Pretty and Practical


Of course, not everything is worthy of display so this is where a combination of both open and closed storage is your best bet. Create the wow factor with shelving on the top for books and display items and then stash away everything else behind closed doors.

Sit and Store


If you’ve got a large bay window in your home, why not take advantage of that space with beautiful window seat? Not only does it draw the eye to a lovely architectural feature, it offers a place to sit as well as built in storage beneath to hide any essentials away.

If the Shoe Fits


And finally, if you love a great pair of shoes (and who doesn’t?), then consider borrowing the idea from your favourite shops and display your very favourites. Simple wall mounted shelves allow your prettiest pairs to shine and combined with a few other personal items like magazines, plants and pretty candles create a fabulous ambiance in a dressing room or bedroom.

So those are just a few ways to really have fun with your storage solutions, making them a statement rather than a bore. How do you make a statement with your storage? Let us know @OFLOakFurniture!