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With a huge range of Indian & solid oak dining tables available in 3ft, 4ft, 5ft and 6ft, you can find the perfect dining table that with complement any existing dining room decor as well as create a focal point for family and guests.

All our dining tables are made from the highest quality solid hardwood, handcrafted from only the finest A grade timbers. We guarantee the quality of our product so that you can enjoy the beauty of a hardwood dining table for years to come.

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A dining table is not just a convenient place to eat your meals, it's a communal meeting place - a focal point where family and friends gather to catch up and have fun.

Because of the significance of dining as a family, the dining table becomes the centre of attention, so it is important that you have the right table for your dining room. A cheap and wobbly dining table is annoying and useless, and a substandard table made using veneers won't stand the test of time. A hand crafted solid hardwood dining table is not only the height of dining room furniture luxury, but also attractive and practical.

Dining Tables History

Dining has always been a social activity, even in prehistoric times, an assembly of the whole community in some instances. However, in this modern world of deadlines and fast food the lap tray has started to infringe on this important time of day.

Dining Table Usage

A great idea for a small family who want the flexibility to entertain larger groups without compromising on space is to buy an extending dining table. All of our extending dining tables can be extended by using one or two leaves independently, meaning you have even more dining options.

Build quality is even more important when it comes to buying an extending dining table - the wood needs to be extremely high quality, and the mechanisms need to be hand adjusted in the factory to ensure a smooth and positive action. This is the case with all of our extending dining tables.


You will enjoy generations of family meals sat at one of our high quality solid hardwood dining tables.

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