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In the instance that a non-faulty item has to be returned after dispatch, beyond the control of Oak Furniture Land, the following return charges will apply (these are also payable if you cancel on the day of delivery).

All wardrobes have a return fee of £100 per item regardless of cubic metres (CBM); all sofas and upholstery have a cancellation fee of 30% of the retail value of the product if cancelled at any time later than 2 working days after order confirmation.

To calculate an item's CBM, multiply its width by its height and depth.

Cubic Metre (0.00m³)

Return Charge

0 - 0.25 CBM

£25 (per item)

0.26 + CBM

£50 (per item)

Need to work out the CBM for your item? Simply input the item Width, Height and Depth below:




Finance Options
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For only £39 per order, all items featuring "express delivery" can usually be delivered within 7 working days.
Alternatively choose from a selection of delivery dates and pre-book a day convenient for you, all available dates will be shown clearly at checkout.

Express Delivery

For only £39 you can choose any items displaying an "Express Delivery" logo, for a guaranteed delivery date to suit you. The dates available will vary in different postcode areas but will be made clear to you in the checkout process.

There is no limit on the amount of items that can be added to your basket for the £39 charge, this is per order and not per item.