Tips for a Great Dressing Table

dressing table stool

I’m working on a new project at home, renovating our attic to create a new master bedroom and en-suite. Now that sounds grander than it actually is, but at least it will be a space for us, away from the hub-bub of the rest of the house, and free from family clutter. Well that’s my hope anyway. Our style is probably quite minimal and contemporary so with that in mind, I’ve been researching a new dressing table area, planning what it will look like and what I need. We’ve not had the space for one before so this is all new to me, so I thought it must be new to others too, and why not share some of my ideas with you.

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12 Steps to Creating a Restful Bedroom


Everything you read points to sleep as the ultimate restorer. Want to look younger? Get enough sleep. Want to feel better? Get enough sleep. Want to improve learning, problem-solving, pay better attention, be more productive? Get enough sleep. Good for both body and brain, there’s no mistaking it’s vital to get a great night’s sleep to really give your body the time it needs to repair and rejuvenate itself to perform and feel your very best.

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