How To: Accommodate Unexpected Guests at Christmas

Isn’t it often the case that just when you think you are all sorted and prepared for Christmas, one or two extra guests appear. Maybe your brother brings a new girlfriend, or some cousins decide to visit with their new baby, or even your friends decide to pay a surprise visit.

So what can you do when unexpected guests come calling at Christmas? How can your home cope? And what should you do to ensure you can all still enjoy the festivities.

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Well if the guests are only staying for a cup of tea and slice of Christmas cake, this one is a bit easier to solve. Maybe send the children off to their rooms to hang out which will free up some of your seating, but one of the best ways to accommodate the unexpected guests is by having a footstool or two. They’re fabulous as spare coffee tables when you need to rest a tray of goodies, or as that spare temporary seat for a short period of time. Of course they fit seamlessly into your home decor at normal times of the year and are so worth that little extra investment, helping to complete the look of your room too.

If you’re needing something a little more comfortable for a longer space of time, a compact 2-seater sofa is the perfect solution for a smaller space. If you have a corner of a room, unused, where you can envisage positioning a smaller sofa, it’s well worth doing. You’ll find you use it at all times of the year, and adding extra seating will often change the dynamic of the room, and give you lots of different options around how you use the space.

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Often having seating in different rooms, or different parts of the house help your home cope when lots of unexpected visitors arrive. Splitting guests into smaller groups helps people socialise, giving them opportunity to really talk to each other and catch up, or make new friends. It makes for a much more relaxed Christmas experience.

Of course if you do have space for a smaller sofa, it’s sometimes a good idea to turn this into a sofa bed, giving you sleeping options if guests want to stay over. Keep a spare duvet and pillows, ready prepared in a blanket box or storage cupboard just in case the visit goes really well, and after one or two Christmas drinks, the visitors need a bed for the night.

2Similarly if you’ve planned for a small, intimate Christmas meal, and a few unexpected visitors turn up, it would be rude not to invite them to stay and eat with you. But do you have enough chairs. We’ve all experienced those festive meals where kids are perched on stools, and granny is on a garden chair, well don’t let that happen. Ensure you have enough seating for your table. Admittedly, we don’t all have a stack of 12 spare chairs for just this moment, but be a little more stylish in your creativity.

FF_DIN_XMAS_87Do you have some lovely seating around the home that you can reuse? A stool from your dressing table perhaps? Do the children have a good looking chair at their bedroom desk? And what about the chair in the spare room that hardly gets used. You are bound to have some good seating around the house if you just think about it, and maybe it’s worth keeping a couple dotted about so you can use them at moments like this. You don’t necessarily have to have a large dining table and 10 chairs that never get used in your dining room.


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