Spring Pastels for grown ups

With Spring (hopefully) not too far away, delicate colours will soon start to reappear in nature and when it comes to interiors, pastels are always a choice that works well with this time of year. I know it doesn’t quite look like Spring just yet, but we might as well get prepared for when the sun finally comes out and makes more of a permanent appearance.

Photo by Andrew Ridley on Unsplash

So, when people talk about pastels, the assumption is very often that they will look somewhat sweet and mostly suited to children’s rooms. However, there is another way. Pastels can look wonderfully grown up and sophisticated when done right. Soft pinks can look classic, pale blues cool and sophisticated, and mint green fresh. The secret is to keep the pastels muted and mix them with neutrals or some strong colours to make more of an impact.

Shay living room furniture

Shay coffee table/ Shay tall bookcase/ Carrington sofa

Keeping the overall scheme very simple is a great way to make pastels look restraint and cool as opposed to sweetly. Pairing pastels with grey is a very good way to add colour without the room being overwhelmed by it. Some simple cushions added to an overall grey and white interior. Add some pink spring blossoms for a feminine touch or even some powder-pink cushions. The look will stay calm and very easy to live with. Choose a beautiful, pale grey sofa and accessorise it with some blush cushions, the effect will be feminine without being girly, and spring-fresh without looking too sweet.

Mango wood sideboard in terrazzo style living room

Mantis sideboard/ Jensen Accent Chair

If you’re a little braver, you can opt to use more than just one pastel colour in a room. In order, again, to keep the look grown up, balance the pastels with white and (as shown here) some black and/or graphic patterns. Notice how the pastels here don’t actually “touch”, making the room look very elegant. Nobody can say that this looks anything like a kids’ room, right?

Sea foam blue fabric corner sofa

Another great way to add some pastel to your home is to choose one or two pieces of furniture within a neutral home. A pale blue or light mauve sofa will add some delicate colour and is very easy to incorporate. With the Brighton range, you can combine your favourite sofa shape with a fabric that fits beautifully into the scheme and the fresh spring look.

Spot blanket box

If you’re still unsure, how about starting small? Add some fun accessories to your home for immediate spring feel. The kitchen lends itself particularly well to this and can take slightly stronger colours, but of course that’s not the only room. Vases and cushions can easily be placed in a neutral living room and will add just enough colour to welcome Spring whilst you won’t lose the overall feel of your room.

So, what do you think? Will you be adding some pastel touches to your home this Spring? Have you done so already? I’d be interested to find out how and where.