How to Decorate with Pink and Red

With February being the only time of the year when your eyes turn to Pink and Red with the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day. And while you may not immediately think these colours can successfully be used in your decorating past February, you may be surprised to hear that both colours are actually quite on trend this year.

We’re sharing our top tips on using both colours in your home, whether you are looking to just add a punch of colour to a more neutral palette or looking to embrace these shades in a big way this year.

Using Red as an Accent Colour in a Room

Red can be quite a difficult colour to work with as it can be a dominant shade. It can be a wonderful accent or full-colour scheme in many rooms of the home, grabbing your attention when it’s at its primary best, but working again with tones and different saturations of the shade.

Above, it’s used as a feature in a space with other punchy brights for a fun and energetic living room.

In the bedroom, a bold red shade can make the perfect accent when used in smaller doses. Above, pink walls soften the deep red throw, creating a tonal accent that encourages a calming space.

How to Use Red as the Main Colour in a Room

If you’re looking to use red on the walls or as a dominating colour in a room, consider a desaturated red shade in deep berry or burgundy. The final look is enveloping and warm rather than stark and bold. Mix it with neutral shades for balance – the greys, greens and natural wood shades harmonise and quiet the deep red colour, creating a sumptuous and elegant result.

Pale natural wood and touches of brass can also bring out red’s energy without overwhelming the space, as perfectly demonstrated by Earthborn Paints with its Ladybug shade

Using Pink as an Accent Colour in a Room

It’s been said that the palest pinks are the new neutrals and this may indeed be the case as they easily mix with so many other shades. It marries beautifully with a pale terracotta shade on the walls whilst blues and greens provide contrast.

While Millennial Pink – a soft blush with grey undertones – has been dominating the trends for the last couple of years, in 2019, we’re seeing it morph into a few different incarnations with warmer versions of rose, antique pinks and soft salmon shades warming up our homes this year.

Using Pink with Neutrals in a Room

If you prefer a softer touch when it comes to colour in your home, you may find that pink is a great way to introduce a bit of colour without dominating the look. Look out for shades of pink that have similar warm undertones to combine with wood furniture or shades of ecru or taupe.

If your neutrals are closer to the cooler side of the spectrum – for instance, bluish greys or stark brilliant whites, then consider pink shades that carry that same cooler grey undertone for a cohesive look.

How to Use Pink as the Main Colour in a Room

Happily, there are many pink shades that work beautifully to harmonise your room and create a warm and enticing energy. Other pale and warm shades will create the perfect calming space.

A slightly deeper pink in a salmon shade can be contrasted with blues or greens for the perfect balance or consider bringing in tonal accents of peach and terracotta for an on-trend look.

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