Understanding how to measure your home for both functionality and style is an essential aspect of any interior design plan. Not only do you need to ensure that walkways are sufficient and that you can swing open doors and cupboards, but you’ll also want to work out how to best configure your room so that it looks and feels great for you and your guests.

From redesigning your home, to simply adding a piece of furniture to your living room, these are all the resources you need to size up your home.

Your Dining Room Measurement Guide

The dining room is the centre of so many home activities, whether it’s family time or an area to host guests. In our Dining Room Measurement Guide, we’ve drawn together a list of considerations when it comes to measuring up your dining room for style and purpose.

Here you’ll find:
How to measure your dining room
How to choose the right size dining table
How to measure your dining room chairs
How to measure your dining room for accessories
How to ensure your dining furniture will fit through your room’s entrance ways.

Your Living Room Measurement Guide

Finding the perfect arrangement for your living room furniture can be a real challenge. Do you have enough space for that beautiful accent chair? What kind of coffee table should you get? To avoid a living room configurement faux pas, take a look at the Living Room Measurement Guide, and perfect your arrangement.

How to measure your living room
How to choose the right size coffee table, and where to put it
How to choose the right size sofa, and where it should be placed
Where to put your armchair
How to choose the right size TV stand and where it should go
How to get your furniture into the living room smoothly

Your Bedroom Measurement Guide

Over the years, the bedroom’s role has shifted. For some, it’s not simply the place to sleep and get dressed, but also their home office, makeup station, their workout space, and where they lounge to watch tv. With this in mind, it’s become more important than ever to ensure that your bedroom furniture is mapped out so that designated areas don’t overlap and clutter your bedroom.

Find out how you can maintain the peace and tranquility of your bedroom with the Bedroom Measurement Guide. Find out:

The best place to put your bed
How to arrange your bedside tables
Where your wardrobe should go
How to measure up additional storage pieces
Where to place your dressing table or desk
How to measure your room’s entrance ways for swift furniture delivery

Your Hallway Measurement Guide

The hallway is often the first thing that you and your guests see when they walk through the front door. Yet the hallway is perhaps the most forgotten room of the home when it comes to design. Rather than making a great first impression, many make the mistake of over cluttering their hallways with furniture, or alternatively leave it sparse and unwelcoming.

In our Hallway Measurement Guide, we’ve compiled the best tips and tricks on how to measure your hallway and arrange your furniture, so that you can really let your hallway shine. Discover:

How to measure your hallway
How to use narrow storage features
How to maximise space under your stairs
Ways to light up your entrance space
How to create the illusion of space with mirrors
Which colours will work best in your hallway
How to declutter your hallway with minimalism

These resources should help you map out your home and find the best arrangement for you and your space. If you’re interested in new furniture additions for any room of your home, take a look at our ranges here.

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