Strong, sturdy and stylish, dressers are one of the most well-loved storage units available for your home. They offer plenty of opportunities for both organisational and home design purposes. Available in either small or large, they’re a must-have for any busy family dining room

Read on to discover ways you to style our hardwood dressers.

1. Embrace classic natural oak

large oak welsh dresser in modern dining room

Canterbury large dresser

With an elegant, timeless presence, our Canterbury large dresser needs minimal styling. The stunning natural oak finish means it can fit effortlessly into any design scheme, but looks especially good teamed with earthy tones like terracotta pots. 

2. Explore modern farmhouse style

farmhouse style dresser in traditional kitchen

Brindle large dresser

The soft, rounded spires and natural oak tops of our Brindle large dresser align it with traditional farmhouse styles. Yet, this perennial design is given a contemporary edge with a stunning lick of sage green paint. Retro-inspired brass kitchen tools and exposed brick walls do more to bring these two design eras together.

3. Coordinate with the rest of your room

oak traditional dresser and dining table

Bevel large dresserReflection table and arched back chairs dining set

The modernity of our Bevel large dresser means it’s the ideal match for the Reflection table and arched back chairs dining set. The set’s natural solid oak and the table’s glass top will brighten your dining room as it bounces light around your space.

4. Seek out seaside style

white painted modern welsh dresser

Hove small dresser

Create a calm, coastal dining room with our retro-modern Hove small dresser at its heart. Its chalk-white finish is stark and eye-catching against wood-panelled walls and floors, reminiscent of a summer beach house and warmer days. Hand-woven accessories and tropical plants complete the look.

5. Match with a feature wall

grey painted dresser in modern kitchen

St. Ives large dresserSt. Ives dining set

If you’ve always wanted to incorporate a feature wall in your dining room but have never been sure how to pull it off, consider colour picking from your dresser and using these hues for a dazzling backdrop to really pack in the wow factor when you invite family for Sunday lunch.

6. Or work with muted shades

Willow dresser

Willow small dresser

Your home design doesn’t have to be matching to cause an impact. Paint a wall pink for a bold yet simple feature wall. Alongside white walls, natural light, and gleaming floors, and with the Willow small dresser in the foreground, you’ll have a stylish and practical focal point in your dining room.

7. Make best use of display

Romsey dresser filled with glass jars, recipe books and decorative objects.

Romsey large dresser

Open storage, like the surfaces and shelves of our Romsey large dresser, can really help make even the most ordinary of household objects shine. Use the cubby holes to display well-worn cookbooks and decant dry goods like sugar, nuts, pasta and spices into a variety of pretty mason jars to make your dresser your own.

8. Hark after high class

blue painted dresser

Highgate small dresser

Grandiose, stately and smart, even the small version of our Highgate dresser brings statement-making class to your dining room. Its inky blue painted finish, rustic oak details and brass handles are the perfect partners for this stylish piece of furniture.

9. Warm your home with rustic oak

Oak Furnitureland Hercules dresser styled in a farmhouse hallway.

Hercules large dresser

We also have rustic oak dressers, like our Hercules large dresser, for those who love an ultra-warm feeling in their home interiors. Designed to make an impact, this particular dresser adapts to its surroundings: its boxy shape means its able to suit modern kitchens while its dignified presence makes it feel right at home in a country abode.

10. Occupy wall space

Brindle large dreser in a farmhouse-style kitchen.

Brindle large dresser | @lottieshousebuild

Exposed bricks provide the perfect contrast against the sage-green painted finish of the Brindle dresser that looks at home in this farmhouse kitchen. It pairs beautifully with the white units and exposed oak beams.

11. Opt for Scandi dining style

Copenhagen dresser

Copenhagen small dresser

Scandi home design favours natural elements and so is all about the quality of the wood. Our Copenhagen small dresser is built from a naturally beautiful oak and its striking recessed handles, pared-back frame and elevated legs feel lighter than air, creating a sense of calm and tranquillity.

12. Adopt country quaintness

Oak Furnitureland weathered oak Burleigh dresser in a dining room with a matching table.

Burleigh small dresser | Burleigh dining set

Our weathered oak Burleigh range is ideal for adding contemporary farmhouse decor. Pair the dresser with the coordinating table for a unified feel that looks polished and homely.

13. Combine natural materials

parquet patterned welsh dresser

Parquet large dresser

The glazed wood blocks that make up our Parquet large dresser have a real natural allure that adds to the mid-century modern feel of the piece. Accessorise with other organic materials like leafy plants and decorative objects that look like they’ve been picked right out of the natural world.

14. Accent thoughtfully

white painted small dresser

Shay small dresser

There’s something about natural oak and soft grey-white hues that are extremely graceful when paired together; this is one of the reasons why our customers love the ease and freshness of our Shay range. Give your Shay small dresser a sense of history with vintage accents, much like our oversized lantern.

15. Establish harmony

large oak dresser against floral patterned wallpaper

Canterbury large dresser

Even with the busiest of backdrops, you can still harmonise your decor, dresser and ornaments. Florals aren’t just for spring; they can leave a joyful, year-round feeling in your home. A printed wallpaper may at first seem overloaded but married with the right accessories and it’s a look that epitomises country charm.

16. Correlate types of oak

original rustic dining set with cabinet

Original Rustic large dresserDorset table and wave back chairs dining set

While mixing different types of oak in any room of the home can be really effective. The warm honey finish of rustic oak complements the natural oak tones of the Dorset dining set. 

17. Find a dresser that reflects your character

Brompton off-white painted range including a six-seater dining table and display cabinet in dining room.

Brompton large dresser | Brompton dining set | Brompton nest of tables

When choosing and styling a dresser, it’s important it reflects your home style and the character of your decor. Is your home resplendent yet welcoming? Our Brompton white painted dresser features Shaker-style details that add a sense of calm to your dining space. 

18. Inject colour

curved oak dresser in modern living room

Romsey large dresser

Give your dresser the family-friendly edge by injecting a rainbow of sunny colours into your dresser and its surrounding art and soft furnishings, creating cohesion across the room and a magnetically cheerful space.

19. Eclectic boho charm

Grey dresser and oak table in kitchen

St. Ives large dresserCanterbury extending dining tableCross back dining chair

Use simple, earthy palettes with punches of warm burgundy to create a cosy scene in your dining room. Our St. Ives large dresser adds to the country feel with its traditional Welsh dresser shape, but modernises the look with its sleek grey finish and metal handles. 

How do you style your dresser? Tag us on Instagram using #OakFurnitureland so we can see your style.