19 Hallway Décor Ideas

While our hallways may be one of the first things both we and our guests see when we walk into our homes, more often than not, it’s also a space that can easily feel a little neglected. As a throughway to our most used rooms, the dirty marks on the wall, threadbare carpet or piles of coats and shoes might easily be overlooked when we whizz past day after day.
Injecting some serious style into our hallways needn’t be costly or difficult. We’ve gathered up 19 different ideas that you can use to create the best first impression for your hallway.

Closed Storage

painted closed storage cupboard

Source: Oak Furniture Land

Most hallways will breed clutter so choose items with closed storage like a small cabinet with both drawers and doors.

A Place for Shoes

Farrow and Ball hallway with shoe rack

Source: Farrow & Ball

Consider low-lying storage pieces to corral shoes and hats and also double as a place to sit to take them on and off.

Add Wall Storage

Hallway bench

Source: Garden Trading

Make the best use of your vertical space by installing a few clever hooks above a bench for the perfect spot to hang your coat.

Choose a sideboard

Canterbury Sideboard

Source: Oak Furniture Land

If you are lucky enough to have a large hallway, consider using a sideboard rather than a console table to create additional storage in your home.

Cover your radiator

Radiator table

Source: Scumble Goosie

In a narrow hallway, consider a radiator cover which will allow you to use the wall space for a handy spot for keys or post without blocking precious heat.

Scale your furniture

Small hallway table

Source: Farrow & Ball

If your space is small, choose petite furniture that’s doesn’t take up too much floor space but still provides a surface for keys or ornaments.

Add a Mirror

Hallway with mirror

Source: Kimberly Duran / Swoon Worthy

Bounce extra light around a narrow space and create a spot for last minute checks with a large, well-placed mirror.

Add Pattern with a Blind

Blue and green patterned blind

Source: English Blinds

If you’d like to keep your hallway bright and welcoming, add just a small touch of pattern with a bright window blind or a patterned cushion to add interest.

Keep it Light and Bright

Pale coloured art work and accessories

Source: norsuHOME

Choose artwork and accessories in pale colours to create a light and bright space that welcomes you inside.

Go Traditional

Light and airy hallfway

Source: Farrow & Ball

If you live in a period property, embrace the feel of the style with warm paint colours, wood accents and vintage style lighting.

Choose a Bold Wallpaper

Colourful hallway

Source: Carole King / Dear Designer

Create drama with a bold printed wallpaper to add a moody and glamorous touch to your hallway.

Go Global

Interesting accessories

Source: Oak Furniture Land Get the look with our Cranbrook range

Create a bohemian look by curating a display of items you’ve picked up on your travels with bright and colourful accessories and textiles.

Layer Lighting

Bevel cupboard with grey floor lamp

Source: Oak Furniture Land

While you will likely have a ceiling light in your hallway, consider adding a floor lamp if you have the space to create a warm and welcoming pool of light.

Add a Triptych of Art

Vee Speers prints in hallway

Source: norsuHOME

Show off your artistic side by creating a gallery in your hallway. Choosing three related pieces gives your hallway a sense of harmony whilst also adding colour and interest.

Add Panelling

limewash console table

Source: Cox & Cox

Let your walls do the talking by installing simple panelling to create a striking backdrop in your hallway.

Rethink Anaglypta

Wall covered in frames on stairway

Source: Karen Knox / Making Spaces

Embrace tradition with the embossed patterns of anaglypta and paint in trendy colours for a look that takes its cues from both the past and the present.

Create a half-and-half wall

Wall half painted dark and half light

Source: Oak Furniture Land

Get creative with paint colours by painting only half your wall in a dark colour with a contrasting lighter colour on top.

Add a pop of colour

Orrick console with yellow plants

Source: Oak Furniture Land

Choose a single bright shade to accent your hallway for a pop of colour to invigorate a neutral design.

Embrace the Dark

Dark painted hallway with red chair

Source: Farrow & Ball

If your hallway doesn’t get a lot of natural light, why not embrace the effect with a dark paint colour to create a sultry and moody look?

We hope you’ve found these ideas inspiring for your own hallway but if you are looking for more ideas, check out our post on styling your stairs here.