6 Hallway Decor Ideas

While you may not spend very much time in your hallway, it’s the first thing you and your guests see when they enter your home. So why not make a great first impression by giving your hallway a little love and create a warm and welcoming environment?

If, like so many of us, you don’t have a huge sprawling entrance, you may have resigned yourself to not doing much with such a small area. Without a lot of room for furniture and accessories, where does this leave you in terms of styling? There are plenty of tricks you can employ to give your hallway a new look and make the best use out of whatever space you may have.

Make your staircase the feature

In many hallways and entrance ways, the staircase is directly in front of you, so you shouldn’t squander the opportunity to make a feature of it.

cream and grey painted hallway furniture

Shay console table

Creating a pathway to your stairs creates an immediately welcoming effect. Line the floor of your hallway with an eye-catching geometric print that’ll help run the eyes down your corridor and up to the staircase and bannister.

Tap into home design trends and make this area home to houseplants. For a fresh look that’ll make your hallway unique to your neighbours, dangle some plants from your bannister and let them swing freely, framing a statement piece like our Shay console table – a must-have for every style-conscious hallway in any busy family home. It’ll help you organise your doorway and furrow clutter away.

Do you love this look? It’s part of our Under the Sea style guide. Read more about bringing this maritime decor into your design scheme.

Add some stylish storage

Our hallways are usually the hub for finding your post, keys, umbrellas, shoes and anything we need as we traipse in and out of our homes day in, day out. The key is to make your storage work for you, however much space you have in the entrance to your home.

Oak Hallway Stand holding coats

Canterbury hallway unit

Something like our Canterbury hallway unit creates a small ‘drop off’ point in your home, especially if you have lots of little muddy feet that you want to keep away from the rest of your house. It’s a handy nook to compartmentalise shoes and keep bags for ease of access – an organisation aficionado’s dream.

Accentuate Style and Practicality

Console Table in Hallway with Contrasting Walls

French Farmhouse console table

As we’ve mentioned them before, you can probably tell we adore a console table. For a rustic country home look, opt for our French Farmhouse console table and accentuate its surfaces for both style and practicality, adding a key bowl and a woven basket as well as a lovely lamp and flower pot – a truly welcoming vignette.

Slim Storage for Small Hallways

Hallway painted console table brindle collection

Brindle console table

One of the many brilliant features of our new Brindle range is its slimline design. For hallways that scrimp on space (because we know not everyone lives in a lavish country mansion), the Brindle console table fits in perfectly, providing you with the workability you’re after without swallowing the room.

Get inspired by seeing how Oak Furnitureland customers use our pieces in their stylish hallways.

Opt for bold colours

We might not think of the hallway as the natural place to add a bold colour but, because you don’t spend a lot of time in there, you can often get away with impactful feature walls.

a hallway with terracotta paint,

Hercules console table

Consider a bold dash of colour, just as we have done with sunset orange, but keep the rest of the space simple to keep the focus on the walls. This will work especially well if the rest of your home is already colourful and creates a great introduction with lots of personality. And, oh look, this Sunbleached Terracotta trend works brilliantly with yet another console table.

Make a statement with bold wallpaper

Blue armchair white cabinet floral wallpaper

Shay small sideboard / Amelia armchair

Alternatively, a popping print on your walls can also be a solution to boring and bland hallways without being too in-your-face. This floral pattern is perfect for Spring, giving you a calm and quiet place to come home to at the end of a busy day.

With some textural accessories, such as our complementary Amelia armchair, your hallway becomes a room of its own, giving your visitors a glimpse of what to come as well as a peaceful spot to relax and read, or even just a lovely place to tie your shoelace.

And don’t worry, we won’t bang on any more about console tables, either. A sideboard, such as this cream-coloured dream from our Shay range, provides you with that little bit extra storage space while fitting in effortlessly with the rest of your home decor.

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