We have lots of fond childhood memories of sitting around the dining table. It’s where we blew out many a birthday candle – and only got a few crumbs on the dining table. It’s where we shared laughs, and sometimes a few tears, with our closest family and friends. The table has been the host to our favourite dinners (mum’s roast dinner, we mean you), it was a homework station, and so much more through the years.

The humble dining table has always been a hard working hero in our homes.  So when it comes to choosing a new dining table for our changing lives and families, it may seem overwhelming. How do you pick a dining table to make new memories around?

At Oak Furniture Land, we’ve designed a range of table styles to suit homes of all kinds. And since they’re all made from the highest quality solid hardwoods, they’re built to last, for years of meals and moments. Get inspired by some of our favourite dining styles.

For the entertainer

Hercules extending dining table with 8 chairs / Dayton wall clock 

Any excuse for a celebration, right? If you thrive on being the host with the most, our extending tables are a great option as they offer you total flexibility. Whether you’re serving a few, or you’re hosting a large-scale holiday party, our tables can extend to accommodate up to 12 guests comfortably. And the easy-to-use mechanism means that when the party ends, your table can shrink back to a smaller size and maximise space in your dining room once more.

For the small space lover

Dorset extending dining table with 4 chairs / St Ives large sideboard

Whether you’re a city slicker, or a tiny home enthusiast, just because your home is small it doesn’t mean you can’t find a great dining table. We’ve designed our compact Dorset table, available in both rustic and natural oak, to be the perfect complement for smaller homes. While it has a tidy footprint for everyday dining, Dorset features a handy extending mechanism – so even small space dwellers can create more space for parties and holiday dinners

For the modern romantic

Shay dining table with 6 chairs

Raise your hand  if you’ve ever bought yourself flowers, or if you’ve happily passed an evening watching your favourite rom com for the 10th (or maybe 15th) time? ors. It’s time to bring your more romantic and elegant style straight to your dining room. Our Shay table for example has classic turned legs, and Bella has feminine design details. We can’t wait to share romantic dinners on these beautiful dining tables.

For the family table

Rushmere extending dining table with 6 chairs / Original Rustic large dresser

Well, your mother did warn you. Children are not the neatest of eaters. But just because your little one prefers to spill his peas across the table to eating them right now, you don’t have to settle for a terrible table. Solid oak is a rugged choice for modern family homes, and it is perfect for holding up to the wear and tear of everyday life. Why not check out some of our rustic oak styles? The warm honey tones not only help to bring out the grain pattern, but they also help to hide everyday spills and messes – even when surprise guests pop in for a cuppa…

Which dining table would you choose? Let us know or show us over on Instagam or Twitter using #oakfurnitureland!