7 Creative Bedroom Ideas to Try This Weekend

When it comes to our bedrooms, most of us will naturally go with décor that’s calm and serene. And of course, that makes sense when we want our bedrooms to be a sanctuary away from the rest of our house – somewhere we can go at the end of the day and recharge our batteries. However, what often happens is that we try so hard to make our bedrooms look ‘calm’ that they can very easily cross the line to ‘boring’. And if there’s one thing that’s not very enjoyable at all it’s a boring, bland, flat room with no personality.

So I thought today we can talk about a few little tricks you can try to create a bedroom that not only remains your sanctuary but also has personality – your personality – within it. An interesting, multi-layered haven which reflects you and yet still manages to make you feel happy and secure.

These are tricks that are easy enough to tackle in a weekend, without having to spend a lot of money but still inject some fun and interest into a space.

Creative storage solutions

Creative Storage Solutions

If you struggle for space in your bedroom, why not add a shelf above the bed? Display your favourite books and accessories and keep the rest of the room clear of clutter to create an oasis of calm without making the space too sterile. After all, it’s usually our accessories that tell the story of ‘us’ so embrace that but find a stylish solution that doesn’t encroach on the serenity of the space.

Add some artwork

Add Artwork to the Bedroom

Every room should have at least some artwork and the bedroom really is no different. It doesn’t have to be expensive either – you can easily try your own hand at some abstract painting with acrylics and an inexpensive canvas from a hobby shop or consider framing your children’s artwork. Black and white photographs of family memories also work well.

Create drama with wallpaper

Add Wallpaper to the Bedroom

While we may think wallpaper can be a bit overpowering for a space (especially with so many bold wallpaper choices out there for feature walls), choosing a simple small black and white pattern is a great way to add some personality to a space without having it take over the room.

Go Dark

Go Dark

We painted our own bedroom the darkest slate colour a couple of years ago and I’ve never looked back. It’s a great way to show off your accessories (everything just pops against a dark background) but also gives you a feeling of security when the night comes and you have your own little cave to relax in. A bold move but for those of us who have tried it, incredibly satisfying.

Add an interesting rug

Add a Rug to the Bedroom

If you want to keep the rest of your space pale and interesting, try adding an ethnic-style rug in a unique design to the floor. Using colours that work with the rest of the style will instantly create a chic look that pulls everything together whilst adding a bit of personality to your room.

Get your lighting right

Add Interesting Lighting to a Bedroom

Having multiple light sources is so important in a bedroom. While we may have a single overhead light, why not create pockets of light with smaller lamps on bedside tables for night time reading, small pools of light highlighing a chest of drawers or some mood lighting by way of fairy lights?

Add some cushions

Decorative Cushions

You certainly don’t have to pile up your bed with a million cushions which makes making your bed each morning a chore. Choose a couple of well placed decorative cushions to enliven the space, add to the colour scheme or contrast with the setting to give your room interest without having to have a pile on the floor to climb over every morning! Even a single simple cushion can turn a good room into a great one.

I hope these tips have helped you to see that you don’t need to go over the top with your bedroom to create an interesting space that reflects your personality! Which one will you be trying this weekend?

Kimberly x

Image Credits: Style Me Pretty, Apartment Therapy, Moore Wallpaper, Christine Dovey, Home Life, Homedit, Casa Sugar

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