10 Ways to Upcycle Wooden Pallets

Now this might all sound a little odd. Why would you want to upcycle an old wooden pallet, I hear you ask? Well, this craze has taken Pinterest by storm, and there are many people showcasing their amazing home accessories, all made out of old wooden pallets. If you’re a fan of upcycling (using old items and turning them into something gorgeous) then this news won’t come as a surprise to you. But if you’re new to the upcycling trend, read on to discover how to update your home with the humble wooden pallet.

1. Pallet Shelves

With a little creativity, it’s possible to create really interesting pieces for your home. Of course, it’s also a very inexpensive way to achieve a certain look. The wood works really well with monochrome colour scheme in this image, and adds a rather Nordic feel to the whole look.

2. Pallet Chair

A chair like this might take a little more skill in terms of the creation and build, but with time and effort, you could have something like this adorning your living space. This look is quite industrial, but with more floral, Spring-like hues, a softer, feminine look could be easily achieved.

3. Pallet Side Table

Take an old wooden pallet, clean and treat it, rub it down, make a box shape, and add some castors. Voila! You have the most versatile side table ever. Wheel it around to the most appropriate position of the day, and enjoy. I love the way this one has a wallpaper insert, which could be co-ordinated with your decor to create a beautiful addition to the room.

4. Pallet Bedroom

The bare walls and use of wooden pallets in this child’s bedroom, gives it a rustic, natural feel typical of loft living. Adding pretty bedding and pops of colour, softens the whole look, making it perfect for any little girl. I love the storage boxes on the walls and cute play tent too.

5. Pallet Headboard

Every room should have a focal point, a feature to which your eye is drawn as you enter the space. If you don’t have a natural one, like a fireplace for example, it’s very easy to create one in your designs. This wood pallet headboard is the perfect example of how to create a focal point in the bedroom.

6. Pallet Daybed

Using wood pallets to create larger pieces of furniture in your home can be a really inexpensive way of furnishing a room. Creating a day bed like this doesn’t take a huge amount of skill either. Painting the pallets in white, to match the walls, ensures they blend beautifully into the background too.

7. Pallet Desk

Indulge your creative side by building useful, practical furniture from wooden pallets. This desk would look fabulous in many a home (mine included)! What a great way to add some much needed storage.

8. Pallet Wall Art

I couldn’t do a roundup post like this without indulging my passion for creative wall art. A piece like this would suit lots of homes, but particularly those that are embracing a seaside, or coastal look. And it would be so simple to create!

9. Pallet Garden Swing

When you hunt around for upcycled pallet projects, you tend to find lots of garden swings. If you’re a fan of styling your outdoor space, these may well appeal to you. I love the idea of them, I just need a structure strong enough to hold one.

10. Pallet Tent

And finally, I had to include this most gorgeous play tent for the kids. Sat on the humble wooden pallet, this extremely cute tent would make the best hideaway for the children. Stylish, unique and very pretty, the children would adore it. Just make sure the pallet is well sanded of course, before you let the children’s tea party begin.

So what do you think of the upcycled wooden pallet? Would you use any of these ideas in your own home?

Jen X