10 Style Lessons You Learn in Your 30’s

Ahh yes, can you remember your first ‘grown up’ place? Okay, so perhaps in your 20’s, you might have had your Auntie’s hand me down sofa and those plates your mum gave you and maybe the rest of the furniture was from a cheap Scandinavian superstore but it doesn’t mean it wasn’t great, right? Just having your own space was enough to make the place feel like home and not having to worry about answering to your parents was a novelty in and of itself.

But you might be well past your 20’s now and starting to really think about how to create a home now that you’ve entered into proper grown up territory. It’s in your 30’s that you finally discover who you truly are and start accepting yourself for the person you’ve grown up to be. Does your home reflect this new outlook? Well, isn’t it time it did?


You may have learned a few things over the years and here are 10 different style rules you should probably know by now. If not, don’t fret, I’m here to guide you through this time of discovery and make sure your home reflects that fabulous person you always knew you’d grow up to be!

Lesson #1 – Art should go in frames unless they are on canvas



A bit of bluetack was great for holding up posters in your teenage bedroom but it’s time to ditch the cheap frames and start to look at getting your art professionally framed. You don’t have to spend a huge amount of money but matted frames adds an air of elegance to any room and having similar frames for a gallery wall creates a much more grown up look. The only time this wouldn’t apply is if you buy canvases in which case, they can remain frameless. Anything else – a frame is a must!

Lesson #2 – You’ve finally invested in proper storage

No more milk crates for you! It’s time to invest in some great storage pieces that will stand the test of time. So whether it’s a sideboard in the dining room to house the decent set of plates (you do have a great matching set now, right?) or a tallboy in the bedroom to keep your clothing tidy, these pieces will last a long time so be sure to get the best quality you can afford.

Lesson #3 – You need a good quality dining room set


The after party has now graduated to a night of cooking for friends at dinner parties and so that means you need more than just that folding table and the garden chairs to make your guests feel at ease. A quality dining set is just what you need to create ambiance in your home and spending a bit extra for quality is always worth it.

Lesson #4 – You realise you shouldn’t use the television stand that came with your TV

Let’s face it. Those metal and glass monstrosities should be left at the appliance store. They go with nothing else in your home and look terribly out of place with wires and all sorts being fully visible from every angle. No, it’s time to either hang the TV on the wall (pay someone to make sure those wires are hidden in the wall if you can’t do it yourself!) or purchase a much nicer piece of furniture to put your television on.

Lesson #5 – You know nothing beats a good quality set of bed linens


Sure, you can get away with buying a set of sheets and a duvet cover at the supermarket. But purchase the highest quality thread count linens that you can afford and you’ll never go back to those cheap sheets again. You’ve stayed at a few nice hotels by now and you know that you just can’t sleep as well with a scratchy duvet. You finally understand the meaning behind the expression, “Buy the best and you’ll only cry once.”

Lesson #6 – You’ve added personality to your home with items from your travels


You’ve lived a little, you’ve visited some far away lands, you’ve gained a bit of culture. Now it’s time to make your home reflect the varied life you’ve lived. So the rug you bargained mercilessly for from that market trader in Marrakesh or the tea set you picked up for a few yen in the Far East or the hand made mugs you splurged on from that little gem of a shop in Prague all deserve to be seen. Adding these personal touches to a home makes your home unique and not like every other 30 something out there.

Lesson #7 – The sofa (or floor!) is no longer adequate for overnight guests

When Mum and Dad come to visit or you have guests staying overnight, you realise that throwing a duvet on the floor is not as acceptable as it once was when you were in your 20’s. It’s time to spoil your guests a little whether with a decent sofa bed or a dedicated guest bedroom. And you actually have a separate set of bedding clean and ready when they arrive.

Lesson #8 – You’ve finally cracked your black thumb


You may have thought that all your plants were committing mass suicide in your 20’s but you are finally realising that with a little extra research and attention, your plants are finally starting to thrive. Sure, it takes a bit more effort but you realise how much beauty and life they add to your home. You might actually have a few herbs in the kitchen as well for all the cooking you’re doing now or started paying more attention to the garden. It’s not time wasted any more, it’s actually satisfying!

Lesson #9 – You realise the value of a good sofa


While the cheap and cheerful sofa from that Scandinavian superstore may have been good enough in your 20’s, you realise now that buying well is much better than compromising on style and comfort. Sinking into your sofa to watch your favourite Netflix series is so much more satisfying, not only when it looks great and marries well with your room scheme but when it’s oh so comfy as well.

Lesson #10 – You’re finally owning your own style


Sure, you will still be inspired by magazines and Pinterest and the trends of the day but you realise your own style doesn’t necessarily need to come out of the pages of a catalogue. You know it’s time to figure out what your style really is and you are starting to understand when something works and when it just doesn’t. You’re starting to dress your home the way you dress yourself – as an extension of yourself. Your 30’s are a great time to decide what kind of home you want to have and how your personality will be reflected in your surroundings.

How many of these lessons have you learned by now? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!